Metal vs Corona


My HeadBangers, I’ve received some emails from some of the bands and I thought I would pass along how they’re doing in this crazy time.  After all Metal is Family.

April 5:  Update

Syth Glasgow Band  from Glasgow, Scotland  The guys are doing good and also staying indoors.  I’m sure there is a lot of music going on there lol.  Check out their Twitter and FB for more info.

April 3:  Update

AEolian Band from Palma de Mallorca, Spain  Thanks Raúl for letting us know.  The guys are isolated for 15 days in their homes and will continue working on their new album.  They wish to thank all the people who are working in the fight against the virus.  Check out their FB and Twitter site for more info.

Hidden Scars from Las Vegas, Nevada USA  Thanks for the email, you  can sign up for emails on their website.  Joel Floyd West founder and great growl vocals is fine and at home pondering all that’s happening.  I can only imagine some good music will come out of all of this.  You can check their FB and Twitter for more info.

TEOR (The Edge of Reason)  from Regensburg, Germany  This is a very special band to me.  I love them.  Big shout out to Ro Seven, keep fighting the good fight you will never lose, you are a great and gifted person.  The band wants us to know that we are all in this fight together.  If anyone wants to join their FB group check out their FB page, their Twitter page is having problems right now.  Also you can DM them at any of their social media and even drop them a line in an email at

Vovkulaka from Odessa, Ukraine.  Thanks so much Volk for letting us know.  You guys can sign up for emails at their site, check out their FB and Twitter pages for more info:

April 2, 2020

Like Everyone in the World…We’re on lockdown here in Odessa,Ukraine. The Odessa Mayor closed everything down three weeks ago.  Naya G and JuleZ are in their Flats…I’m in my Дома.  We’re all healthy and staying inside.  We can’t rehearse…But our Studio is waiting when all this ends.  We HOPE all our Fans are healthy and safe in these trying times…

Naya G —  VolK —  JuleZ


My HeadBangers, I’ll update as I find out more.  Until this is over feel free to email me any time with news or just to talk at: 

EVERYONE be safe, and turn your metal up, remember we are family.



Week 74 – [AMATORY]

My HeadBangers, welcome from Saint Petersburg, Russia:  [AMATORY]

 Звёздная грязь

My HeadBangers know I don’t like to use translators. Sometimes they work and when they don’t it can be a disaster, trust me I know from personal experience.  And, I would never translate any bands songs ever.  In the translation the feeling and the meaning is lost.  I love the original even if I don’t know what it all means.  When your a Metalhead it just comes to you.


Let’s look at some bio on these guys:

[Amatory] (commonly typeset as [AMATORY], to fit their logo) is a Russian metalcore band, formed in 2001 in Saint Petersburg.   The band went on hiatus from extensive touring and studio work at the end of 2012, having released 5 studio albums. In 2015, the band returned from hiatus and released sixth studio album simply titled «6».

The group won two awards at the “Russian Alternative Music Prize” in 2005  and has toured across Russia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine and Finland.

The band spans several genres, including Death Metal, Metalcore, and Melodic Death Metal.  Which you know Melodic Death Metal is my thing.

A few interesting things about Saint Petersburg:

St. Petersburg is a Russian port city on the Baltic Sea. It was the imperial capital for 2 centuries, having been founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, subject of the city’s iconic “Bronze Horseman” statue. It remains Russia’s cultural center, with venues such as the Mariinsky Theatre hosting opera and ballet, and the State Russian Museum showcasing Russian art, from Orthodox icon paintings to Kandinsky works.

Let’s meet the band:


DENVER – Bass – Vocals
SEREZHA – Vocals
DIMM – Guitars
IL – Guitars

 x RAM – Нож

My Thoughts

Vittu minua!!!!!!  My HeadBangers, this was the hardest blog I’ve ever done.  Paska!  Mainly because of the language barrier, and I hate using translators.  Any way as you can tell [Amatory] crosses a lot of genres, but as my metal man says “There is metal in everything”.   I’m a Melodic Death Metal person and I live for my growl vocals and as I always say what speaks to me may not speak to you.  Really it’s just all about the music HeadBangers, by that I mean, the sound of the instruments, each individual one, does it give you a rush, does it make your heart pound, forget the words, concentrate on the sound, the rhythm, and there it is.  Music crosses all barriers.  I cannot begin to tell you guys how many countries I have discovered because of my Metal Music.  Not to mention new friends that I will hold close forever.  If you think a country is “to different”, maybe it’s because you don’t really know anyone from there.  Think about it, I know my scope of the world has changed so much and my life because of the music and the bands.  I have not talked or met one band that was rude or dismissive.  Most have even gone out of their way to get me information or help me with translations and anything else I needed.  If music ruled the world we would all be in a better place but, until then stay with me while we explore this planet and find more great metal.

That’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..


Ques/Comments from my HeadBangers

This weeks comment is from:

Sammie W.

Hi there, I read your new stuff on a regular basis.  Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work!

Thank you so much Sammie.  I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.  I’m glad I can add some humor, even if it’s in my own twisted way, to my MetalHeads day, especially in the things we are all going through right now.  I will definitely not change cause this is me, thanks again. 

Weekly Band List – and more to come.

Your support is appreciated


  • Week 74 – Apr 3   – [Amatory] – Metalcore – Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Week 73 – Mar 27 – Njord – Viking Rock – Sandviken, Sweden
  • Week 72 – Mar 20 – Mystic Prophecy – Metal – Dortmund, Germany
  • Week 71 – Mar 13 – Astralborne  – Melodic Death Metal – Toledo, Ohio
  • Week 70 – Mar 6 –  Shakra – HardRock/Metal – Trub, Switzerland
  • Week 69 – Feb 28 –  The Browning – Metal – Kansas City, Missouri
  • Week 68 – Feb 21 –  Tempting Fate – Hard Rock/Metal – Los Angeles, California
  • Week 67 – Feb 14 –  Dynazty – Hard Rock/Metal – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Week 66 – Feb 7  –  Dreyelands – Melodic Progressive Metal – Budapest, Hungary
  • Week 65 – Jan 31 – HoundWolf – Heavy Metal – Witten, Germany
  • Week 64 – Jan 24 – Shadecrown – Melodic Death/Doom/Thrash Metal – Finland
  • Week 63 – Jan 17 – Sea of Treachery – Heavy Metal – Cincinnati, OH
  • Week 62 – Dec 21 – Immersed in Darkness – Atmospheric Black Metal – Brownsville, Texas
  • Week 61 – Dec 14 – Skälmöld – Metal – Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Week 60 – Dec 7  –  The Local Band – Rock – Helsinki, Finland
  • Week 59 – Nov 30 – Re-Armed – Melodic Death/Thrash Metal – Kerava, Finland
  • Week 58 – Nov 23 – Ashen Crown – Metal – West Midlands, UK
  • Week 57 – Nov 16 – FEJD –  Swedish Folk – Trollhattan, Sweden
  • Week 56 – Nov 9 – Forever Still – Hard Rock/Metal – Copenhagen, Denmark – This is where it all started.  ONE YEAR AGO, THEY WERE THE FIRST LET’S REVISIT
  • Week 55 – Nov 2  –  Krigere Wolf – Black Death Metal – Catania, Sicily
  • Week 54 – Oct 26 – Aephanemer – Melodic Death Metal – Toulouse, France
  • Week 53 – Oct 19 – Infected Rain – Nu Metal/Nu Metalcore – Chișinău, Moldova
  • Week 52 – Oct 12 – The Veer Union – Hard Rock/NuMetal – Vancouver, BC
  • Week 51 – Oct 5 – Ligature Marks – Metal – Portland, Oregon
  • Week 50 – Sept 28 – AEolian – Metal – Palma, Spain
  • Week 49 – Sept 21 – Smorrah – Thrash/Death Metal – Gelsenkirchen,      Germany
  • Week 48 – Sept 14 – Beyond the Styx – Hardcore Metal – Tours, France
  • Week 47 – Sept 7 – Brackish Tide –  Metal – Somerset County, MD
  • Week 46 –  August 31 – Kryptos – Old School Heavy Metal – Bangalore, India
  • Week 45 – August 24 – Spyder Volt – Alternative Rock – Laredo, Texas
  • Week 44 –  August 17 – Descent of The ArchAngel – Underground Metalcore – US
  • Week 43 –  August 10 – Dark Messiah – Heavy Metal – Winnipeg, Canada
  • Week 42 –   August 3 – Arcsin -Modern Melodic Progressive Metal – Miami, Florida
  • Week 41 –  July 27 –  Methane Metal – Southern Thrash Metal – Sweden/Jersey
  • Week 40 –  July 20 –  Bloodred Hourglass – Melodic Death/Thrash Metal – Mikkeli, Finland
  • Week 39 –  July 13 –  Atarka – Metal – Birmingham, UK. 
  • Week 38 –  July 6   –  Silverbullet Band – Symphonic Heavy Metal – Riihimaki, Suomi
  • Week 37 –  June 29 –  Hammer Down Hard – New Age Hard Rock/Metal
  • Week 36 – June 22 –  Syth Glasgow – Old School Metal – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Week 35 –  June 15  – Virtues – Metalcore – Brisbane, Australia
  • Week 34 –  June 8  –  Vovkulaka  – Dark Angry Evil Metal – Odessa, Ukraine
  • Week 33 –  June 1  –  Executioner  – Hardcore Thrash – San Antonio, Texas
  • Week 32 – May 25 – Night Shadow – Power/Speed Metal – San Diego, California
  • Week 31 – May 18 – Primitive Machine – Rock, Dublin City, Ireland
  • Week 30 – May 11 – Daggerplay – Punk,  Rock n Roll, Power Pop, Helsinki,     Finland
  • Week 29 – May 4 –  Kalmo – Finnish Doom Metal – Kerava, Finland
  •  Week 28 – April 27 – Repaid in Blood – Pure Fucking Geek Metal – San Jose, California               
  • Week 27 – April 20 – Arch Enemy – Melodic Death Metal – Halmstad, Sweden 
  • Week 26 – April 13 – Falling Into Red – Hard Alternative Rock – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Week 25 – April 6 – Tulsadoom – Evil Barbaric Heavy Thrash Metal – Vienna, Austria 
  • Week 24 – March 30 – Dream Troll – Old School Rock – Leeds, England
  • Week 23 – March 23 – The 69 Eyes – Goth & Roll – Helsinki Finland
  • Week 22 – March 16 – Ghost Season – Alternative Metal – Athens, Greece
  • Week 21 – March 9 – Vane – Pirate Melodeath Metal – Poland
  • Week 20 – March 2 – Ravenscroft – Rock – Orange, California
  • Week 19 – Feb 23 –  Love Machine – Heavy Rock – Milano, Italy
  • Week 18 – Feb 16 – Children of Bodom – Melodic Death Metal – Espoo, Finland
  • Week 17 – Feb 9 – 10 Gauge – Hard Rock – England, UK
  • Week 16 – Feb 2 – Everlit – Hard Rock – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Week 15 – Jan 26 – Victim of Illusion – Progressive Rock – Turin, Italy
  • Week 14 – Jan 19 – September Sky – Alternative Metal – Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Week 13 – Jan 12 – The Edge of Reason – Rock/Post Hardcore – Regensburg, Germany
  • Week 12 – January 1, 2019 New Years Day – The HU BAND – MONGOLIA
  • Week 11 – Dec 29 – Apocalyptica – Rock/Metal – Helsinki, Finland
  • Week 10 – Dec 22 – Hidden Scars – Prog/Indus Metal – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Week  9 –  Dec 15 – In Hell – Black Death Metal – Lille, France
  • Week  8 –  Dec 08 – Fireproven – Prog Death Metal – Tampere, Finland
  • Week  7 – Nov 30 – Amon Amarth – Death Metal – Tumba, Sweden
  • Week  6 – Nov 23 – Chernobyls Uterus – Grindcore Metal – Pripyat, Ukraine
  • Week  5 – Nov 17 – Five Finger Death Punch – Metal – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Week  4 – Nov 10 – Universal Theory – Gothic Metal – Madrid, Spain
  • Week  3 – Nov 03 – Mawcore – Hard Rock/Metal – Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
  • Week  2 – Oct 27 – Sin7 Band – Heavy Metal – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Week  1 – Oct 20 – Forever Still – Hard Rock/Metal – Copenhagen, Denmark

Your support is appreciated

Week 73 – NJORD

My HeadBangers welcome from Sandviken, Sweden, the Viking Rock Band:  NJORD

“För Sent”

You know I love bands whose name comes with a history, well this is what I found about the name of Njord.

Njord was the god of the sea in Norse mythology. He is the father of Freyr and Freya.

Njord was married to the giantess Skadi. Skadi’s father was slain by the gods. To make up for her loss, Skadi was allowed to choose a husband from the gods.

She was not permitted to look at their faces, only their feet. She chose the most beautiful feet she saw, thinking they belonged to the god Balder. Instead, they were the feet of Njord. Skadi was used to living in the icy mountains, and Njord was used to living by the sea. This made their marriage difficult, and eventually they chose to live apart from each other.

Well that’s a shame isn’t it, but mythology is great.  Bands that have history to them are so interesting to me, makes you wonder why did they picked this name.  Also, before anyone complains, I don’t need songs to be in English to love them so just enjoy the sound and how the words sound.  Sometimes it sounds better in their native tongue, I prefer it that way.

“Under Hammaren”

I had to do some digging to find some Bio so here it is:

Njord is a Swedish Viking Rock Band from Sandviken . The band was formed in 2003 by Mathias Hellhoff and Johanna Ersson. The band name refers to the sea god Njord in Nordic Mythology .

In 2003 the group participated on the compilation album Party På Valhall! with drummer Andreas Momqvist from the punk band Soypooh . That same year Momqvist went on to become the band’s guitarist and Patrik Björkmann, also from Soypooh, became a new drummer. In 2005, both bands left after internal conflicts and devoted themselves to Momqvist’s solo project Nidhöggs Vrede.  A year later, Björkmann rejoined the group. The same year, Daniel Eklund joined the band as a guitarist. In 2008, the record company Vikingarock Records released Njord’s Debut Album Against Heaven…  In 2011 Njord started making songs for his second album. In 2012 Eklund left the band due to time constraints and he made his last gig at the Kuggnäs Festival, where Njord also released his new album For Sweden. The following year, Njord celebrated 10 years as a band and in conjunction with it released the digital record Fordom which contains older recordings. In 2015 Johanna left the band. She did her last gig at the Kuggnäs festival. In 2016 the new band members Stefan Johansson, from Völund Smed and Hel , and Nicklas Ek, also from Völund Smed were presented.

On May 20, 2016, the song Den Ende was released, which is the first song with the new set. Freedom’s Arch was the first and only single from the upcoming Maxi single “In the Yellow and Blue”. The song was released on YouTube February 26, 2018. On July 26 of that year, the EP is released In the Yellow and Blue. On August 15, 2018, the single was released Now we take over digitally on Spotify and other music services. On December 2, 2019, the single Memories of Autumn was released digitally on Spotify and iTunes, among others. Here it is below.

“Minnen om Hösten”

Let’s meet the band:

Mathias Hellhoff – Sång & gitarr,
Nicklas Ek – Guitar,
Stefan Johansson – Bass & körsång,
Patrik Björkmann – Drums

“För Alltid Patriot”

My Thoughts:

My HeadBangers, with all that’s happening on this planet right now the one thing that is a constant in my life is the music. It’s the only thing that keeps me going every day and keeps me from losing my shit. You all know what I mean. The music is always there like an old friend waiting for you to come and visit, to sit back, relax and turn it up nice and loud.  Music will drive away your fears and worries and let you, for as long as you want, stay in that in between world where all you hear is the sound of the guitar, the beat of the drums and growl vocals that make our hearts pound to the rhythm in our chests. Metal makes us stronger and personally helps me face another day. I hope all my HeadBangers are doing great. We will beat this as we always do and if any of you need or want  to talk to another HeadBanger email me at anytime, I’m always here for my family, rest and don’t stress:                 

That’s it for this week. Join me next week for another band and another song. In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

Ques/Comments from my HeadBangers

This weeks comment is from:

Bobby D. 

Wonderful work!  That is the kind of information that is supposed to be shared across the net.  Disgrace on Google for not positioning this publish upper!  Come on over and visit my site.  Thanks=)

Thank you Bobby, I really appreciate you taking time to comment.  I will definitely visit your site, count on it.  


My HeadBangers here’s an update on a song from one of my favorite bands.  A solo performed by Ro Seven, he’s the best guy trust me.

Ques/Comments from my HeadBangers

This weeks comment is from:

Kenny B.

Have you ever considered writing an e-book or guest authoring on other websites?  I have a blog based on the same subjects you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information.  I know my visitors would enjoy your work.  If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

Well thanks so much Kenny for the kind words.  I am thinking of an e-book but it would be on Growl Vocals, something I am obsessed with.  I will send you and email and see where it takes us.  Thanks again.


My HeadBangers welcome from Dortmund, Germany the metal gods:


“Metal Division”

I love this song and love how the band has the hair moshing going on and I love how Roberto the vocalist commands the stage.  

“Eye To Eye”

Bang it out guys, digging it.   There’s something about these German Bands that I really like and having great videos and hot guys/girl doesn’t hurt at all.

Let’s look at some Bio on these guys, taken from their site, they have a lot so I’m putting all of it on because it is their story:

The indomitable will to succeed, true to the motto “It’s a long way to the top if you want RnR” has been the driving force behind MYSTIC PROPHECY for the past two decades. As a result of this, the band founded by R.D. Liapakis in 2001 has purposefully and stubbornly developed into a huge heavy metal machine that stands for unrivaled reef power and old-school spirit like no other band on European soil, combined with modern Zeitgeist. Already with the first three albums `Vengeance` (2002),` Regressus` (2003) and `Never Ending` (2004) the band showed their high musical competence. At that time, even a Ozzy Osbourne fell on the class of the then Mystic Prophecy exceptional guitarist GUS G. (Arch Enemy, Dream Evil, Firewind) so much that he abraded this for his band.

But setbacks like this ultimately only strengthen the southern German Power Commando on its unwavering path into the heavy metal Olymp, and so the metal machine in a changed cast to new peak performances. With the entry of guitarist Markus Pohl, a second constant enters the Band and the power level rises again to a higher level. Successful tours with for example Freedom Call establish the band even more in the scene and with other albums `Savage Souls` (2006),` Satanic Curses` (2007), `Fireangel` (2009) and` Ravenlord` (2011) they play in the first League of the European Power Metal scene. Other tours with Death Angel, Stratovarius, Powerwolf, Majesty, Grave Digger, etc., and big festival appearances at Prog Power, SummerBreeze, Metalfest or NOAF show that MYSTIC PROPHECY is a sustainable guarantor of unadulterated Heavy Metal. Uncompromising “true, and right between the eyes” is the motto. Even if there are always line-up changes to be made, the core of the band is always working hard and goal-oriented. Shows with Loudness, Sabaton, Primal Fear etc. as well as other festival shows in Wacken, Earthshaker Fest., Metal Camp etc. are gaining further popularity.

With the 2013 album `Killhammer` and the subsequent tour with Masterplan, the Band finally manages to create a true genre classic. Three years later, with “War Brigade”, they deliver another fragmentation bomb, and for the first time in the band’s history, it becomes apparent that a line-up has come together here that harmonizes perfectly. In 2018 they surprised with a cover album called ‘Monuments Uncovered’, whose idea is not new but shows a courageous band that covers unusual songs and is highly praised by the press and fans.

Further tours and festival performances, e.g. Bang Your Head Festival, Delta Metal Meeting, etc. are being played and the work on the eleventh album is being tackled at the same time. Looking back, you can say that MYSTIC PROPHECY have done everything right so far. Chart placements, appearances at the biggest metal festivals, numerous tours. But the way is the goal and so is a new album.

‘Metal Division` is the name of the new album, which the Power Metal Tank has recorded for his new label ROAR! Rock of Angels Records. `Metal Division` sounds versatile yet familiar. But you realize immediately, the band has developed musically and at the same time delivered one of the most catchy albums of their career, without the hardness has suffered. The album sounds more mature, more compact and heavier than its predecessors. The narrow line between old school and metallic Zeitgeist is taken confidently. Song titles like `Die With The Hammer`,` Eye To Eye` or `Victory In Mine` drill into the ear canal like spearheads. The title track `Metal Division` even compares to Dio, which is due to the haunting chorus and the pounding dynamics of the song. MYSTIC PROPHECY will convince the quality-conscious Heavy Metal fan supersonic. This will also be contributed by their new label, which is fully committed to the support of the band. So let’s raise hell!

Let’s meet the band:

 // Roberto Dimitri Liapakis – Vocals
// Markus Pohl – Rhythm Guitar
// Evan K – Lead Guitar
// Joey Roxx – Bass
// Hanno Kerstan – Drums 


Here’s a few interesting things I found out about their hometown of Dortmund.

Dortmund is well known for its famous football team, Borussia Dortmund, founded in 1909. It’s one of the most successful clubs in Europe and has the continent’s biggest stadium and largest regular attendance. A museum, the Borusseum, celebrates their successes.

Dortmund is with a population of 603,609 inhabitants as of 2020, the third-largest city of Germany’s most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


“My Thoughts”

Where do I begin with this band.  Perkele, I could listen to them all night and I have done just that tonite.   Every once in awhile a band comes along that I just can’t stop listening to and so it is with Mystic Prophecy.  A follower once asked me how do I clear my head to write this blog.  Well here’s a perfect example.  This band has everything that speaks to me, so the words just flow.   I also have a soft spot for these German Bands, no I’m not German I’m French, but I am an Auslander, that’s German for Alien or Foreigner, and all my EU and Nordic bands, have never made me feel like I was a Foreigner.  I love all my bands no matter where the hell they are from.  But you know with music like I’ve said a thousand times every country, the music has this sound, each one is different, I can tell where they are from before I even know who it is.  But that my HeadBangers is what makes our METAL so great.  

Well that’s it for this week my HeadBangers.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..



My HeadBangers welcome from Toledo, Ohio:  ASTRALBORNE

This is my kind of metal, Melodic Death Metal, and three hotties with the hair, yep, just kill me now.


You know how I feel about growl vocals, FFS, love it.

“Architect of Suffering”

I thought this was a great song for this day and time with the Corona Virus scaring the shit out of everyone.  You get it or you don’t just like anything else in the meantime let our Metal keep us going.  No Virus wants to take us HeadBangers on.

Let’s look at some Bio on these guys, taken from their site:

Rising from the wastes of Northwest Ohio, Astralborne saw its inception in the winter of 2016 when bandmates Derik Smith (guitars) and Jayson Cessna (drums) of Hammer Horde embarked on a new musical journey. After the release of Hammer Horde’s third album “Fed to the Wolves”, the group found themselves on temporary hiatus, giving Smith and Cessna an opportunity to write new music. Soon, the material began to change direction, requiring a side project to be formed to serve as both creative outlet and vehicle for their new sound. Enter the birth of Astralborne. This journey led to a collaboration with friend and musician Paul Fuzinski (bass & vocals) of Blood of the Prophets. Together, the trio entered the studio in April of 2017. “ETERNITY’S END” was released on November 22nd, 2019 to an unsuspecting world.

Astralborne continues in the style of Smith and Cessna’s previous works, infusing black, thrash, and melodic death metal into a diverse, aural assault. The group’s debut record, “Eternity’s End”, is an 11-track opus, comprised of equally mighty and majestic original songs, as well as previously unreleased material from Smith and Cessna’s former band Forever Lost. The outcome is an uncompromising tribute to melodeath’s forefathers, with enough modern-day aggression to satisfy both old-school and new-school listeners alike.

Order “Eternity’s End at the following:

Digital:      Physical:

Let’s meet the band:

Left to right:

Derik Smith – Guitar

Jayson Cessna – Drums

Paul Fuzinski – Bass & Vocals

My HeadBangers, there is nothing on this planet that beats a great growl vocalist, well that and a great drummer.  That’s just my thing, you might like something else.  Growl Vocals make me experience the music in a way that makes everything around me disappear.  I just close my eyes and I’m somewhere else, and I’m not telling where it takes me.

“Paragon Amiss”

OMFG guys what are you doing to me lmfao.

“My Thoughts”

My HeadBangers, as I sit here and listen to these guys I believe Paul has the deepest, darkest growl vocals I’ve heard yet.  I say yet because I haven’t heard them all.  I’ve heard a lot though and his are the deepest.  One of these days and I keep saying that, I’m going to write a history on growl vocals, you know they date back to ancient times, yes they do my moshers.    But, now back to Astralborne, as you know they are from Toledo, Ohio and here’s something interesting I found out:

Toledo’s nickname is ‘The Glass City’ and there’s a long history of glass industry here. It’s not just the glass capital of the country, but it’s the ‘Glass Capital of the World’. Not just glass art, which they have in abundance, but everything from bottles to windows.  Toledo is located at western tip of Lake Erie.  

Seriously my HeadBangers if you haven’t listened to these guys you need to.  Check them out and let me know what you think.  

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..




Ques/Comments from my HeadBangers

This weeks comment is from:

Virginia P.

Hey there! Someone in my Myspace group shared this website with us so I came to take a look.  I’m definitely enjoying the information.  I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!!  Outstanding blog and terrific design.

Thank you very much Virginia, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.  Tweet away girl the more HeadBangers the better.  Thanks again.






Week 70 – SHAKRA

My HeadBangers, welcome from Trub, Switzerland:   SHAKRA


OK my HeadBangers, SHAKRA, I have to admit I love them, yeah, Perkele, I know I say that about every band I do, BUT, hell it’s true, look at them, listen to them yeah …….  I thought so…..

“To Much Is Not Enough”

Let’s look at some bio taken from their site:

The Hard Rock Band/Metal of Switzerland, which has already released 11 albums, as well as played numerous tours in Switzerland and aboard.  Ok well that doesn’t tell us a whole hell of alot, let me see what I can dig up.  Well I did manage, after digging around to find a little more info.

With their first releases Shakra (1997), and Moving Force (1999), and by touring with Great White and Uriah Heep, the early career of this Swiss band was a steep learning curve with dramatic success but the real breakthrough came with their third record Power Ride (2001) when singer Pete Wiedmer was forced to leave the band because of ill health, replaced by Mark Fox. Fox immediately put his stamp on the following album Rising (2003), which saw Shakra hit the German and Swiss album charts. The band played several concerts and festivals, one of which was the prestigious “Bang Your Head” event. The controversial video clip for the song “Chains Of Temptation” showed singer Fox giving himself a heroin injection.

After supporting Iron Maiden at the Swiss “Spirit Of Rock” festival, Shakra went on a 12-country tour with HammerFall and Stratovarius. The band played a significant show in Zurich with Guns N’ Roses in 2006.

I do feel like they need a bigger bio especially since they’ve been around since 1997.  But it’s their history, sorry guys.

Let’s meet the band:

vocals: Mark Fox
guitar: Thom Blunier
guitar: Thomas Muster
bass: Dominik Pfister
drums: Roger Tanner


“My Thoughts”

Well my HeadBangers, I would really like to know more about their story, but for some reason there is not much out there for a band that’s been around so long.  Regardless let that add to the mystery that is Shakra.  I love their music and their look, thank Thor for the hair lmao.  

Well HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..


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