The one and only Five Finger Death Punch,   Zoltan, Ivan, Jason, Jeremy, and Chris.

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I remember listening to my brother play  Metallica and I really loved them, eventually I stumbled over Disturbed and an after hearing Dave scream and all his other sounds I thought OMG where have you been all my life lmao.  Then one day a local radio station played a song by FFDP, I was like who the hell is that, then WTF I heard this guy sing who went from a gut wrenching scream in your face and then to a really smooth voice and the music omg Zoltan, those dreads and those drums.  Wait, What, Who, Where holy shit I gotta find these guys quick, that was years ago and I still never tire of my boys, they are and will always be my number one love, they can bring you up and they give me that extra push to get me going in the morning.  Listen to this first thing in the morning:


FFDP has a song for every emotion you are having.  Sometimes you just want to do some headbanging and some days you don’t.  Now when I’m pissed and I need some motivation to pick my ass up and get back to it this one does it for me.

Not one day goes my in my life that I do not find a song for whatever the moment needs  that day.  Break up with your boyfriend and its this

It’s amazing to me how Metal has evolved.  People I work with call this devil music and I have to LMFAO, believe me I tell them you want some devil music just stick around and I’ll get to it.  No matter how I feel that day or week or month FFDP always gets me through it an I have to thank them so much for always being there, through the good and the bad and the ugly.

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