To say that Fireproven is a unique progressive melodic death metal band from Tampere, Finland, known for its energetic live performances and hard-working attitude is putting it mildly.  Believe me, I do my research and if after listening to their music your mind in not in another dimension or deep in space better have your gray matter checked my head bangers cause this is a whole different kind of burn..

Their 2017 video  “Shine” , was awarded the International Underground Music Video Contest for best director of photography.  Check it and see why, its really a work of art.

Lets meet the guys:

Janne    Janne Vaatamoinen

Guitar and Clean Vocals

Ilari   Ilari Hannul


Nuutti  Nuutti Hannula


Juha  Juha Vaatamoine

  Bass and Growl Vocals

You know how us head bangers love our growl vocals!!!  It’s crazy to think that these four guys can make such mind expanding music and still grab that metal part of us, are you feeling the burn yet my bangers…….


The band’s previous release Omnipresence got full scores in many reviews including Inferno, the biggest metal magazine in Finland. Music video New Born Truth from Omnipresence has also succeeded internationally.  Check it, I love the drums in this one, but hey I like drums and growls lmao

Fireproven became a band in 2006.  In  February 2019 the band is headed off to the Baltic to begin some touring, and I wish them much success.  I asked if they had any message for their fans and followers and they asked me to pass this along to you:   “We love you and appreciate your endless support”.   I would like to thank Janne for his help in getting me info on the band for you bangers.  When I asked him if they would consider being on the blog his response was “Of course my friend”,  they truly care about every fan and follower.  I hope that this blog will open your mind to all the different aspects of Metal, I just love it and I hope you will too. 

And last from the latest 2018 release “Future Diary”, comes The Tower, close your eyes, sit back, and see where this one takes you bangers…….

Well guys this is it for tonite.  I hope you enjoyed a look into some Metal and yet something different.  Please feel free to leave a comment and if you know any bands that would like to be on the blog just DM at twitter, Im happy to help out wherever I can.  Till next week enjoy Fireproven, and keep banging……

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