Week 12 – New Years Day 2019 – The HU Band

This is something I haven’t done before but THE HU BAND is going to be on fire real soon and I’m bringing it as fast as I can.  Someone texted me about them and here they are, I couldn’t find much out about them but hey, when you see long haired bikers riding motorcycles across the STEPPE in Mongolia, count me in head bangers, I kid you not they are the shit

Some are calling this country but it sure doesn’t sound like She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy to me (Don’t like Country)  I absolutely love this sound they call it Throat Singing, I don’t care what they call it these guys fking bang it out.

Hu Bank.PNG

And here they are the Hu Band, hell I don’t even know their names but I bet i’ll find out.  

OK Bangers got the update on the names and they are from left to right:

Lead throat singer, TS Galbadrakh, aka GALA

Tumur Khuur (Jaw Harp), Tsuur, flute, and throat singer, G Nyamjantsan  aka Jaya

Lead Morin khuur player, throat singer, B Enkhsaikhan aka ENKHUSH

Tovshuur player, N Temuulen aka TEMKA


This next one Yuve Yuve Yu is just so good I can’t even think of words, ok how about its on FIRE

I just had to get these posted cause I’m in some head banging love here, and on FIRE.

Hu 2

3Yeah Head Bangers you got it, they are on all kinds of FIRE.  LOVE IT


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