Week 14 – September Sky

From Indianapolis, Indiana – USA, the metal band September Sky is turning heads all around the world.  In a sea of alternative metal, September Sky stands out not only with their twist of alternative grunge rock and thrash metal influences, but also their well-known empowering and inspiring vocals and  guitar solos.

Let’s meet the guys that make up September Sky:

group shot

They are from left to right:

Becket Weir – Drums

Larry \Oz/ Craig (Co-Founder) – Rhythm Guitars all EP’s and Bass

Scott Bernhardt (Co-Founder) – Vocals

Kevin Rickett (AKA Krickett) – Bass Guitar

Scott Rainey – Lead Guitar

Now let’s hear some music, this is called Pieces, a personal favorite of mine, it has a big message to get across, listen……

This is “Fallacy”, I love this song, and that stalker in the mask is very creepy

He definitely needs to get to the fire

All of September Sky’s songs have a very powerful message, especially in these times.  These guys are passionate about their music and their words.  As you can tell.  Here is a message from September Sky to their fans:

We make it our mission to personally communicate with as many of our growing fan base as we can and to continue providing you with amazing music, videos and content to positively impact as many people as possible to conquer life and please know that we can’t do any of this without you! Keep listening, watching, buying the CD’s, downloading the MP3’s and supporting us anyway that you can and we promise to do everything we can to make sure that more September Sky is always on the horizon. Look forward to new singles, new albums, new videos, live acoustic performances, covers, demo tracks and many other ways to connect with us. We know we only go as far as you take us and thanks to you all. Stay Metal and Conquer!!! 

I love when a band gives back to their fans.  Without the fans where would they be?

I think this is one of their best, it has more growl to it, and you know us Head Bangers, love our growl, presenting The Fight


For more songs and more info on September Sky visit their website, it’s one of the best I’ve seen at:   http://www.septemberskyband.com  and Twitter @Septembersky_

When I started this blog 3 1/2 months ago I knew of only 10 Degrees of Metal, they were: Black, Death, Doom, Gothic, Grindcore, Power, Progressive, Speed, Trash, and True.  Metal is ever changing there are more than 10 now, but I love the sound of 10 Degrees of Metal, remember with me its all about the Head Banging and standing to close to the fire, but isn’t that what Metal really is all about, Loud, Head Banging and the burn……………


Join me next week my Head Bangers, new week and a new band.  See you then and don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn….



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