Week 15 – Victim of Illusion


Good Evening Head Bangers

Tonight I would like to introduce you to “Victim of Illusion”,  from Turin, Italy

Piero Giaccone – guitars, synth, programming
Paolo Gurlino – vocals
Luca Imerito – bass

Victim Of Illusion were formed in Turin in Summer 2010 by Piero (guitar) and Paolo (vocals).
Among VOI’s musical influences are Porcupine Tree, Tool, Massive Attack, Opeth and Riverside, and its music incorporates elements from rock to progressive. During initial improvisation sessions the band composed about a dozen tracks, which were then developed and defined in the following months, when Luca (bass guitar) joined the band.

On October 13, 2011 the band’s first Ep “What Senses Blow Away” was released.  The band recorded, mixed, mastered and produced it.

After gigging for a year, the guys started to work on their 2nd album.  The work ended with 8 songs, focusing on open sounds, Rock/Progressive riffs and consciousness of illusion.

“Oxideyes” was released on March 1, 2014.  The album was mixed by Giampiero Ulacco and mastered at Spitfire Mastering Studio.

                             Jamie’s World is off the album:

On 20th June 2017 a brand new 8 songs album “see the light”. In fact, the light is the main theme of the new album called INVISIBLE LIGHT.    Here’s the teaser:

When I chatted with Piero, he said they would love to come to the USA, but everything would have to be planned out because of family, etc.  In the meantime the do play in the UK, below is a slide show from their 2018 UK Tour.

They also had a message for the fans:

“We love to talk with our listeners, so don’t hesitate to contact us on socials or our website.”



Well my Head Bangers that’s it for this week. Join me next week, new week new band and remember don’t stand to close to the fire unless you can handle the burn




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