Week 17 – 10 Gauge

Old-school rock is back… and it gets a contemporary twist from the sensational British hard-rock outfit — 10 GAUGE.


Musically and sonically, 10 GAUGE returns to the rhetoric and style of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s to play their exciting brand of rock with the same dedication and inner strength as bands like Metallica, Megadeth and of course Iron Maiden.

These musicians were raised on a diet of alt-rock, so although they might be inspired by the greats of NWOBHM, they aren’t obsessed with the notion of trying to reinvent the vintage sounds.  So, for example, tough alternative hitters such as Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry are big influences on their playing and compositional style.

10 GAUGE believes in making broad-shouldered, hard-wearing, durable rock. They put on a show and they create strapping-great sounds filled with power and melodic perception.  Listen to my favorite “Knight of the Living Dead”, it bangs it out Head Bangers:

The band centers around TJ (lead guitar) and Rob Jewson (vocals) with Kieran Best (also guitar), Gareth Dearing (bass) and Neil Felgate (drums).

Kieran Best - Rhytm Guitar far left

 Here are the guys, left to right:

Kieran Best, TJ, Gareth Dearing, Rob Jewson, and Neil Felgate.

“We’re private people,” TJ says, “With households to run and family obligations – but we’re not building a fortress around our band…On the contrary – we want to sweep-up our audience.  We want to bring our fans into our family circle, we want to embrace them.” “We are working on some new songs and a video, we would appreciate the support from all our fans and hope they enjoy sharing our music.”

Seriously Head Bangers, how can you not love these guys.  Another band that cares about their fans, loves making good head banging music and are on fire….


The band is based in Hertfordshire on the outskirts of North London.  Their credo:  toil and graft brings revelry.  The band possesses unlimited potential.  They are proud of their work ethic.  “We took our band name from the type of harder-hitting, fret-buzzing, 10-gauge strings we fit onto our guitars…we’re never wound too tight.

This work-hard band are united by strong relationships and common interests, and that’s how the guys accumulate their energy so efficiently. Their close bond is the fissionable material that gives their songs a distinctive euphoria, a crackling rockiness and, ultimately, that deep emotion. 

Hand You’re Dealt

I have to add that in all these weeks, 17 so far and still going strong, I have learned something from all these Bands, what is it, well I have learned that there are still people that love what they do, care about others, always have a good word to say, are not arrogant but, down to earth and willing to help in anyway they can.  Yeah ok I know I’m getting soft, NOT, I just call it as I see it Head Bangers.  Remember I’m the jaded one, but all these bands are really making me rethink how I look at this world.  

Well that’s it for this week Head Bangers, join me next week for a special Valentine’s week band ”CHILDREN OF BODOM”,  LMAO, Yep bring on the head banging growl vocals as loud and hard as you can.  See you Bangers then and be safe. 

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