Week 19 – Love Machine


Let’s meet the guys:

Rob Della Frera – Vocalist
Frank T. Raider – Guitar
Max Adams – Guitar
Yako Martini – Bass
Andrew Dal Zio – Drums
Lele Triton – Keyboards    

These guys can still bang it out.  Lovin that bass.

The Band was born in Milan, Italy in 1988 and their self-titled debut album was released in May 1990 with one of the first Italian Independent labels called Sanremo Hit.  In 1991 the band took a first promo tour of 30 concerts, playing live everywhere throughout Italy to become known.  In January 1992, The Love Machine Changed their line-upincluding a new singer LA Drago, and new bassist Fabian Andrechen ad a second guitarist Max Adams.  In 1993 they released their second and powerful album “Hungry For Your Love” with another Italian Independent label called Red Line.  The entire album was recorded and mixed at Red Studio and mastered by Gunnar Carone of Phonocomp; 10 tracks ranging for classic hard rock, even to the teutonic heavy metal and ballads. The album received a positive response from both the audience during live shows by both the press and in particular by the Japanese press. They began a massive promotional tour for almost a year and a half, for a total of 130 concerts in clubs, pubs, festivals, biker shows, local tv shows and live acts as both foreign and Italian local acts ending with a performance in Japan at the Music Expo in Tokyo. In 1994 they were asked to play four concerts in Latvia, Estonia as a special guests in local music events and open air festivals. 

Let’s Get it Rock – Just Released February


In 1995, at the end of this heavy tour, after the last show, they played as support to the English heavy metal master Saxon, during their “Dogs of War Anniversary Tour 1995.  In the next month the Love Machines started writing material for their third album after a couple of recording sessions for the singer and bassist re again replaced.  Tow new guys joined the group, the singer Ronnie Alberti and the bassist, Steven Pasko who bought a new energy, new ideas for new great songs.   In March 1996 the played four shows with Gotthard during their “G Word Tour 1996-1997.  During these shows, they presented a couple new songs with a very food response from the fans and crowd.  In fact, in May 1996 they began recording the album simply titled The Nite at Regson Studios in Milan.  The result is a solid album, more rough than the previous, a different sound and lyrical texts, the right balance between the Heavy Rock and melody.   The Nite was released thanks to Pat Scalabrino by Pick-Up. In May of the same year, Love Machine playing with the famous American metal band WASP during “Kill Fuck Die European Tour”, as live guest in Ponderano, Italy.  In 1998 Love Machine has lot of musical material played during the concerts recorded in advanced for a hypothetical first live album, but unfortunately, at that time, the singer is fired and the band decides to suspend all activities.  

 Star Rider

Shortly after, the other 5 members are involved in another project under Sigma and between 2000/2004 they released 2 studio albums under m/niker/Sigma.  In 2001, at the dawn of their 10th anniversary, the band decided to celebrate it with the old members and the original line-up of Hungry for Your Love, with 7  dates in Italy and once again collects a good success, but unfortunately, jealousy, internal tensions and misunderstandings lead the members to another long stop where everyone is dedicated to countless activities and private passions.  In 2010 thanks to the Steelheart Records and label manager Primo Bonali well-know as journalist and publisher of Metal Force, Love Machine release on the market completely digitally limited remastered edition of Hungry For Your Love and bringing together for the second time the same training in 1992.  After some good performances in 2012, once  more, the group decides, but the same old problems, negative attitudes of some old members and a climate conducive to peaceful and just absolutely, that it is time, once again to change the skin and face, to turn the page to find new strength, power and positive energy: first step, the new bass player, and trusted friend and fan, Yako Martini and the extraordinary new singer Rob Della Frera. 

A total rebirth began their musical and spiritual artists and musiciansIn February/March 2013, Love Machine played another good warm-up tour in Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Bulgaria and Italy, with a great response and acceptance and great welcome back from the fans and bringing them to recorded the very first 100% live album titled Alive “N” Well, that will be releasing in September/October 2013.  Exclusively only on the digital music market in the world thanks to the metal label manager Mirko Gallinazzo of Defox Records.  September 2014 AJ Van Damn the original keyboards player left the band for personal reasons.  Love Machine remains in 5 pieces and occasionally only live uses a session man.  May 2015 Love Machines had just ready the new single for the upcoming new studio album and in the same time they play live around in some festivals and live clubs.


One thing that I have learned from this band is they never give up under any circumstances.  They have been through a lot of changes but are constantly evolving and constantly working.  I look forward to more music from them in future and wish them all the best.  As long as you continue to do what you love you are always winning.  They have a passion for their music and they still have the fire…………..

Well  Headbangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another bank and another song.   Remember don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn………………….

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