Silver End – Bergen, Norway

Before I start talking about the music I heard today I would like to introduce the guys:


Christian Lero – Vocals/Guitar

Cata Babut – Lead Guitar

Lasse Ove Steine – Bass

Iben Christopher Espeseth Hanoy – Drums/Vocals

This Song “Never Back Down”  I listened to for at least 9 hours today, that’s what I do when a song is trying to speak to me, here is that song.

Rarely do I rave about a band that I have just heard one song from, band members without my love of long viking hair, or are not from Finland.  However, this morning in my Utube box was this song “Never Back Down”, I sat on my bed and was in total awe, that was 13 hours ago.  This song spoke to me, only 3 songs have ever done that so here I am tonite with my thoughts on the band, which I found out is from Bergen, Norway, go figure, just across the line from my heart, Finland.

The song told me that you can always be there for someone, let them know that you will always be there and you will never let them fall, but still be true to yourself, you must always be true to yourself because if you’re not you will be no good to anyone.  Sometimes you may end up standing alone which is what we all have been through or are doing now.   But you must know that everything is possible,  I will never give up on my “Metal Guy” or let him fall  and I will Never Back Down.  This is part of life my Head Bangers, it’s always about what you are willing to do and go through for that person in your life.  So Never Back Down, and Never Give Up, we all need help from falling at some point in our lives.  Be there and be strong when the other needs it, you will be rewarded.

Also I bought the CD and every song is excellent, I love this new band I’ve found and look forward to more great songs that have a message, and the next song that speaks to me..  

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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