Week 20 – Ravenscroft


First let’s meet the guys (Left to right)

Brett Octane – Guitar

Joe Aghassi – Drums

Ralph Buso – Vocals

Devin Baker – Bass

This is just one of many songs that you will love

Into the Dark

Ravenscroft is a foursome of musicians from Orange, California. Their individual backgrounds and educations deliver melodic alternative rock.  They have taken sounds from blues/rock, acid rock of the 1960’s, harder rock and metal impact of the 1970’s  and 1980’s, the 1990’s grunge influence and what they game up with is unquestionably some of the best music I’ve heard.  It not hard core metal, but a mixture of everything.  Whatever you’re looking for you will find something in Ravenscroft that will have you coming back for more.

Who doesn’t love this song and the video is so kick ass. 

Stand Up

“Ravenscroft is going to be the next big name in hard music”

Michael Aronovitz
Metalheads Forever Magazine

Well after listening to their songs, I have to agree with Michael, and I feel it, they are going to be the next big name in hard music.  Every song has a different sound, a different meaning.  You will hear it if you listen not to mention that it’s some good Head Banging music and who doesn’t want that?  I’d like to add that the guys are really good at what they do and with Ralph, well you can hear every word he says whether its low or screaming and to me that’s what makes a great band, and the bass, the guitar and the drums, they all are on perfect time with each other.

The guys also have a message for their fans:

Without our fans…We are NOTHING!!!  We love our fans, and treat them all like Family!!!

This last song “Cauldron of Deceit” 2015, Is without question one of the best songs.  It is the first song I heard and I have loved them ever since.  And when I listen to a song for the very first time I only listen, no video, I like to see what my brain things about the music and words before I watch the video, try it sometime you may like it.

I love a band that has fire, and Ravenscroft does have that fire……


As much as I would like to keep you, You’re set free, fly Ravenscroft and find your place in this world.  We will all be watching and waiting…..


That’s it for this week Head Bangers, join me next week for another band and another song, till then don’t stand to close the fire if you can’t  handle the burn….

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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