Updates: The Edge of Reason

I’ve heard the release coming out tomorrow and love it.

Here is some new information:

Title: Come True

Artist: The Edge Of Reason

Year: 2019

Genre: Rock / Post-Hardcore / Emo

Rlease Date: 03/29, 2019

Mixed & Produced: Johannes Wenisch / room4 (http://www.room4studio.de)

Mastered: Robin Schmidt / 24-96 Mastering (https://www.24-96.com)

Label: STF-Records (http://www.stf-records.de)

The song is part of the second full-length album to be released in October 2019.

The official music video will also be released on 29.03.2019.

Youtube premiere


EDT: March 29, 09:00 am (New York)

GMT: March 29, 01:00 pm (13:00, London)

CET: March 29, 02:00 pm (14:00, Berlin)

AEDT: March 30, 02:00 am (Sydney)

A short behind the scenes video can be seen here:


Our newsletter, so clled TEOR Insider, can be joined here:




Come True is about the search for mental balance and inner strength. Being held down by your inner demons, life appears difficult or even hostile. So you crawl under your blanket to escape from the blazing daylight. Finding inner strength would mean to end this struggle, to embrace yourself, and to discover joy in what you are and do. The song describes this search for luck that starts in the hypnotizing world that surrounds you and ends up inside yourself.

Follow links


Spotify: https://teor.de/spotify

Instagram: https://teor.de/instagram

Facebook: https://teor.de/facebook

Twitter: https://teor.de/twitter



Buy & stream: http://teor.de/stores

Merch: http://teor.de/merch

Website: http://www.the-edge-of-reason.de

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