Week 24 – Dream Troll

Dream Troll – making the old sound new again!!

First let’s meet Dream Troll in this exclusive picture just released for all my Headbangers and Metalheads, and a big thanks to Dream Troll.


Current members:
Guitar/main song writer/producer – Matt Baldwinson
Guitar – Paul Carter
Vocals – Paul Walsh
Drums – Simon Blakelock
Bass – Paul Thornton

Previous members:   Vocals – Rob Stringer

This song is called  “Blood Moon”  this music has me moving all over the place, love the sound!!!!!!!!


Formed in early 2016, Epic UK metallers, Dream Tröll pay homage to all things metal that inspired them when they were younger, and a salute to all the metal clichés that they still love. They are finishing working on their 2nd full length album and hope to start releasing new music over the next few months. They have been building worldwide fan base and catching the attention of tabloid and national music press after a collaboration with politician Richard Burgon on their debut album.


The Witches Course – this is so bad ass

Dream Troll has a classic/traditional metal feel to it, bringing technical and melodic elements together in a high energy, entertaining performance.  Dream Troll combines the classic and nostalgic 80’s metal sound and themes with new melodic rock forms as well as power metal elements.  Step back in time to the days of bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio, with modern flavours of Children of Bodom and Ghost.

The Battle for Enki’s Tower

The thing I like best about Dream Trolls songs, first they are longeer than most and tell a story with each one and second damn, Paul Walsh can really belt a song out, can’t he.  Dream Troll really has this energy it shows in each song, in each word.  They are passionate in their songs as well as having a passion for life.  I enjoyed working with these guys and I appreciate them giving me the exclusive right to use their picture on the blog.  It was very cool of them and unexpected.  But the unexpected is what brings us the fire headbangers…


That’s it for this week Headbangers, join me next week for another band and another song.  And remember don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…

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