Week 35 – Virtues

2From Brisbane, Australia, this is Virtues

Nathan Barker – Drums

Zeke Ferrington – Bass Guitar

Daniel Devitt – Guitar

Wade Felsch – Vocals

Alex Miller – Guitar

Virtues, formed in May 2018, is a five piece metalcore band from Brisbane, Australia. Combining a mixture of sounds ranging from punk to deathcore, Virtues’ sound is a fine balance between brutality and melody and provides something for every metal fan. All members have been in other bands ranging from punk to death metal.

Their debut single was #42 on The Faction’s Hardest 100 Countdown in Australia

“When in Rome”

Their latest single “White Willow” was released in May 2019, here it is, gotta love these growl vocals.

As a relatively new band, even though they have all played with other bands, I feel that their  sound is as raw and savage as you would think the outback would be.  The music is hard and Wade’s growl vocals are some of the best I’ve heard, raw and savage,  you know I love my growl vocals.  I’m looking forward to posting more on this band as they move forward.  They have all that it takes to make it in the metal arena, just keep that fire……..


Well my Head Bangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song, and as I always say, don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn.

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