Week 55 – Krigere Wolf

My HeadBangers, welcome from Catania, Sicily:  Krigere Wolf


“Vision of Death”

Well my HeadBangers here we go with some Italian black/death metal and those deep growl vocals that I love so well.

First I want to look at their bio (taken from their site), it’s basically a 2 man band with occasionally a drummer and backup, it’s very interesting and I like how they have it broken their bio down by year.  It gives us a clearer picture of what happened from day one.

2007: Rick Costantino starts the project as a one man band for some months, while in 2009 the moniker is changed to KRIGERE WOLF.

Former KRIGERE WOLF line-up consists of Rick Costantino as bassist/singer and Joe Cantagallo as guitarist. Lately drummer Frozen will join the band in order to release the debut full “The Ancient Culture to Kill”, printed and distributed in 2012 via ARMED GOD RECORDS (Bologna).

2013: Line-up change: Salvatore Martino Testa (drums) and Francesco Bauso (guitar) join the band to release the self-produced single “Victory of Satan’s Warriors”. 

2014:  KRIGERE WOLF signs with South Korean underground label FALLEN ANGELS PRODUCTIONS, being one of the first bands in its roster. S. M. Testa leaves the band for personal reasons and Riccardo Grechi takes his place. With him on drums and the contribution of F. Bauso on guitars KRIGERE WOLF releases its second full length “Sacrifice to Valaskjàlf” on the 1st of February, 2014. In the meanwhile Rick C. gets in touch with Magnus D. Andersson, Marduk bassist and sound engineer at Endarker Studio (Sweden), who will take care of the mastering of the album.

At the end of 2014, Fallen Angel Productions includes KRIGERE WOLF in a split album alongside three other bands: Waldschrat (Austria), Notre Amertume (France) e Antiquus Scriptum (Portugal). The two tracks contained in “The Beginning of the End” are written and played by Rick C. as a one man band. One year later, Rick meets Salvatore Leonardi (guitar), Dario Petralia (drums) and Gabriele Catania, talented extreme vocalist, assigning him the role behind the microphone.

2015: The band works on a second single called “Solar Storms”, released exclusively in digital version.

2016: With the same line-up KRIGERE WOLF enter the studio to record “Infinite Cosmic Evocation”, very dark and primordial work, approaching to a renovated well-finished sound. M. Devo Andersson is chosen one more time to mix and master the album. “Infinite Cosmic Evocation” is a way more introspective record than the previous one, composed of a strong sinister energy.

2018: Fallen Angels Productions will release E.C.A “Extermination Cult Alliance”, split album with japanese band Sabbat.

2019: Out the MCD “Eternal Holocaust” released by “Lower Silesian Stronghold” (Poland).

Let’s meet the band:

Rick Costantino – Drums, bass, lyrics

  • Salvo Leonardi – Guitars
  • Salvatore Martino Testa – Drums (Live Sessions)

“Sacrifice to Valaskjalf”

I absolutely am loving Rick’s growl vocals.  When I listen to a band that has deep, dark, growl vocals, I like to listen to songs as old and new as possible.  Try it, listen to the voice from one year to the next, from one song to the next.  This way you can tell a fricking great vocalist, and Rick is one of them.  Thanks Rick for the growls.

I also like to put at least 3 songs on here so my HeadBangers can get the feel of the band.  I had one comment saying I shouldn’t put so many on here but, this is how I bring my music to my MetalHeads, if you don’t like it whatever…

“Unholy Magical Throne”

I’m putting the guys contact info on here, check them out and give them a follow:



My thoughts:

Well my HeadBangers here’s a two man band, with great growl vocals, and oh let me just say these two have swag, yeah they do, look at them a couple more badasses to add to the Metal List.  One thing I’ve always wondered about the area of Black Death Metal is where do they come up with these songs.  I know some bands get them from personal experiences, but I think some go a lot deeper than that.  I’ve talked to some bands that just follow the prevailing gloom and doom of Death Metal songs.  I’m good at reading people, (it can be a bad thing but, it has helped me in life alot).  Then I run across a band that I can sense there is a lot more too.  It’s in their eyes, that deep, far away look and you know there is more behind those eyes, the way they pronounce every word in the song, the way they stand and walk.  There’s more to a song than words, it’s how it’s delivered and how the vocalist feels it inside.  How the band acts with each other.  Pay attention my HeadBangers to your favorite band when they perform.  Watch them, feel the vibrations and see what you come up with.  

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Until then, don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn………


Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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