Week 62 – Immersed in Darkness

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My HeadBangers, welcome from Brownsville, Texas, the Atmospheric Black Metal Band :    Immersed in Darkness


“Lust for Destruction”

Complete with some deep, dark, growl vocals HeadBangers.  What do you think??

Let’s meet the band:

Robert – Guitars / Keys
Ruben – Drums
Andromalius – Vocals


“The Black Sacrament”

Let’s look at some bio on this threesome, take from their site:

Formed in 2011. Based on styles from old school raw atmospheric black metal. After so many lineup changes and downfalls Immersed in Darkness still had the strength to move forward and continue writing music. In 2012, the band progressed with shows and shared the stage with Goatwhore at the Disembowelment Fest (Corpus Christi, Tx).

The second album “Seas of Deception” was released. In 2013, the split album with Of Forsaken Divinity “Black Sacrilegial Offerings”. In 2014, Immersed in Darkness played at the A Day In The Valley Of Death III Fest and just released their split album with Tenebra Dominus “Supreme Blood Oath”.

In 2015, the third album “Desecration Incantation Conjuration” was released during the CD Release Show to support it. . In 2016, Andromalius (Tenebra Dominus) became the new vocalist. Starting a new chapter for the band, as they opened for Absu. Demo album, “Beneath The Winter Moonlight” was released featuring unreleased material from the previous years. In 2017, new album “Beneath The Raven’s Shadow” is in the works.

You can find their complete Discography on the FB page.

Their influences are:

Drowning the Light
Spectral Lore
Hecate Enthroned
Limbonic Art
Vampyric Blood


“My Fallen Bride”

My thoughts:

Well my HeadBangers here are a few facts about Brownsville, that I found interesting.  It is relatively small with a population of around 184 thousand.  It is also park of the Rio Grand Valley, and a popular location for beach tourist.  How did Atmospheric Black Metal pop up here?  That’s the thing about Metal, it knows no boundaries.  It’s everywhere my HeadBangers and every blog is proof of that.  From Brownsville to Moldova let the Metal blast.  There’s not alot out here on this band but I like their sound and felt like bringing it to you, you be the judge.

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song, until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..


Thank you for your support




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