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My HeadBangers I apologise for being late and so sorry guys of SHADECROWN, I have been on planes for 2 fricking days, but now I’m finally home and ready to ROCK…..

My HeadBangers welcome from Finland, the melodic death/doom metal band:



This song actally gave me goose bumps.  I’m really loving this band, the songs, the music and the Growl Vocals, and oh the hair of course.

Let’s meet the band:

Jari Hokka-Vocals
Joonas Vesamäki-Guitar
Tomi Tikka-Guitar
Saku Tammelin-Keyboards
Janne Salmelin-Bass & Clean vocals
Kalle Varonen-Drums

Now my HeadBangers, time for some bio, given to me directly from the band:

Shadecrown is a melodic Death / Doom metal band from the heart of Finland.  The main song writer is Saku Tammelin, their Keyboardist.  The band was founded in 2012.  So far the band has released 1 demo (ST), 1 EP (Chained) and 2 full length albums: “Agonie” (2016) and “Riven” (2019).   The bands that have had the biggest influence on them are Sentenced, Insomnium, Pantera, Swallow the Sun and more.

“Lifelong Dying”

OMFG PASKA listen to those growl vocals.  I swear I can feel them go into my bones.  I love it when you feel that sound crawling thoughout your body.  Seriously my HeadBangers there is nothing better than  great growl vocals to make you come back to life.  Trust me I know, and I have been there.  No I’m coming back to life, thank you Jari and the rest of the guys.

“The Ghost I Mourn”

My thoughts:

Well my HeadBangers hold on while I catch my breath.  Right now I am sitting here with my eyes closed and blasting these guys all around me.  I feel like I’m floating somewhere in a dark cloud totally at peace and smiling my ass off with goose bumps all over me.  It does not get any better than this.  I am totally mesmerized by this band, you know like a Raven with shiny things.  Yes Ravens, messengers of the Gods.   So when  you’re listening to this extremely talented bunch of guys close your eyes and join me in the darkness, be at peace, it doesn’t get much better.  Add this band to your list.  I’m so glad I found them or they found me only the Raven knows for sure.

IMG_8755 (Edited)

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..


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  1. dark prophecy is that the talented Ukrainians of NordWitch can go far, for they deliver dynamite that should be able to appeal to most folks who appreciate extreme metal with a good melodic stroke. The duration of 38 minutes is just right and all the songs are also good and exempt of unnecessary fillers. Even the cover is killer. Succumb to

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