Week 68 – Tempting Fate

Welcome my HeadBangers from Los Angeles, California the Rock/Metal Band:

       Tempting Fate


To put it in my words these guys are fucking SIK.  I love them and welcome to the blog.  Remember there is metal in everything my HeadBangers.


I love how they slide into the hard darkness.  You know those growl vocals kill me.

Let’s look at some bio taken from their site:

Tempting Fate has set out to deliver a unique blend of music, with a style all their own. Their music can be described as heavy grooving, melodic, and fast metal focused on catchy choruses and harmonized guitar solos.The band was formed in 2010 by brothers Cory Beecher (Vocals) and Shane Beecher (Guitar), with the recent addition of Matt Campbell (Bass). Tempting Fate has built a strong following over the past five years, playing countless shows across the coast, including the Sunset Music Festival. The band is currently in the studio, focusing on their new sound and album – out early 2016.

Their latest release, ‘ILLUSIONS’ dropped in 2014 and can be downloaded for free. The eight track EP was written, recorded, and produced entirely by the band. Stay tuned for the next era of Tempting Fate, coming 2016!  They also have a lot of new music, check Utube for the latest.  It doesn’t disappoint believe me.

Let’s meet the band:

Cory Beecher: Vocals
Shane Beecher: Guitar/Vocals
Matt Campbell: Bass
Alex Rivas: Drums

“Death Of Me”

Can’t help myself HeadBangers, I had to put another song on, it’s just that good.

“A Place Called Home”

“My Thoughts”

All my HeadBangers know I’m into Melodic Dark Death Metal, that is where my spirit finds peace, but then every once in awhile there comes a band that takes me away to another place.  This bands energy just grabbed me like an iron fist and held on tight till I had to bring them to you.  I love how they erupt into this beast we don’t see coming.  As you can see by their songs they are a power machine, fast and hard just like all HeadBangers like it.  If you’re lucky maybe you’ll get to see them at a gig and that would be an experience.   Tell me what you think…..

That’s it for this week my HeadBangers.  Join me next week for another band and another song in the meantime, don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..



Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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