Metal vs Corona


My HeadBangers, I’ve received some emails from some of the bands and I thought I would pass along how they’re doing in this crazy time.  After all Metal is Family.

April 10:  Update

Smorrah from Gelsenkirchen, Germany   The guys are doing good, they have been in lock down for 3 weeks now.  Wishing all of us MetalHeads to stay healthy and check out their FB page next Friday for their new single and video.  You know I will be there no matter what.  I love these guys, they are the best.

April 5:  Update

Syth Glasgow Band  from Glasgow, Scotland  The guys are doing good and also staying indoors.  I’m sure there is a lot of music going on there lol.  Check out their Twitter and FB for more info.

April 3:  Update

AEolian Band from Palma de Mallorca, Spain  Thanks Raúl for letting us know.  The guys are isolated for 15 days in their homes and will continue working on their new album.  They wish to thank all the people who are working in the fight against the virus.  Check out their FB and Twitter site for more info.

Hidden Scars from Las Vegas, Nevada USA  Thanks for the email, you  can sign up for emails on their website.  Joel Floyd West founder and great growl vocals is fine and at home pondering all that’s happening.  I can only imagine some good music will come out of all of this.  You can check their FB and Twitter for more info.

TEOR (The Edge of Reason)  from Regensburg, Germany  This is a very special band to me.  I love them.  Big shout out to Ro Seven, keep fighting the good fight you will never lose, you are a great and gifted person.  The band wants us to know that we are all in this fight together.  If anyone wants to join their FB group check out their FB page, their Twitter page is having problems right now.  Also you can DM them at any of their social media and even drop them a line in an email at

Vovkulaka from Odessa, Ukraine.  Thanks so much Volk for letting us know.  You guys can sign up for emails at their site, check out their FB and Twitter pages for more info:

April 2, 2020

Like Everyone in the World…We’re on lockdown here in Odessa,Ukraine. The Odessa Mayor closed everything down three weeks ago.  Naya G and JuleZ are in their Flats…I’m in my Дома.  We’re all healthy and staying inside.  We can’t rehearse…But our Studio is waiting when all this ends.  We HOPE all our Fans are healthy and safe in these trying times…

Naya G —  VolK —  JuleZ


My HeadBangers, I’ll update as I find out more.  Until this is over feel free to email me any time with news or just to talk at: 

EVERYONE be safe, and turn your metal up, remember we are family.



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  1. Hello!!

    Certainly that is a feeling universally shared. Living in Germany and in the UK (apart from my country, Spain) I could see a lot of different metalhead communities and that “brotherhood” is present.

    1. It really is. My first Tuska Festival in Finland last June, there were so many people there an not one fight in all 3 days. I felt totally safe unlike when I’m back in Kansas where you have to constantly look over your shoulder even when shopping. Give me my MetalHeads any day🤘🏻🖤🤘🏻

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