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A. Berry

Great post.  Keep writing this kind of info on your site.  I’m really impressed by it.
You’ve done an excellent job. I definitely digg it and personally suggest it to my friends.  I’m sure they’ll  benefit from this website.

Thanks a lot A.  When I started doing this blog I spent a couple hours a week on it.  It then grew to everyday a couple hours.  Sometimes I lose track of time when working on it and when I look at the clock it’s past midnight.   I could work all day on it but that doesn’t pay the bills lol.  This is a work of love and keeping my sanity if you know what I mean.  When bad days are here, my music takes me to a different place and the things I find out are just incredible.  Once you start researching one thing leads to another and the time flies.  Every band is made of people and each person has a different story, it’s up to them if their story is told here.   Each week when I’m done with my blog I have just added more people to my metal family,  after all there is a bond with metalheads and that is the truth!!


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