My HeadBangers – Bands Hold On a Sec

Just wanted to connect with my HeadBangers and Bands on a personal note today.  We all are feeling the loss of many concerts and festivals this year.  Who knows how long this will go on?  Who the hell knows guys.  But I do know that we HeadBangers won’t let some POS Virus #19 or #20 whatever the hell they call it next stop us from hearing our music one way or the other.  These bands, we stand behind, will get us what we crave.  There’s so many ways thanks to technology that we can still see our favorite bands.  So hang in there, don’t let it get to you.  That goes for the Bands as well as my HeadBangers.  Some of the bands are new, just starting and this happens.  Don’t give up, we are all still here, waiting for your music.  You can contact me and I can put it on the blog.  My Bands and HeadBangers are all family here.  We do what we can to help each other.  Anyone who needs to talk, or just bullshit here’s my email hit me up anytime, that’s what family is for:

Or leave a comment I check them all myself every day, no lie I really do lmao.


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