Welcome my HeadBangers from Aalen, Germany:


“Once And For All”

My HeadBangers you know I love some Melodic Death Metal and with some great growl vocals well what more could a woman ask for…..

“This World”

Let’s look at some bio on these guys, taken from their site:

PARASITE INC. were founded 2007 in the German Metal hot spot Aalen and became well known pretty quickly. Their 2010 demo “Parasite Inc.“ already found a lot of fans within the worldwide Melodic Death Metal community. Since their debut album “Time Tears Down“ at latest, the Southern German band was predicted a great future. They received lots of positive feedback from the scene press as well as from dozens of headbangers in front of every stage PARASITE INC. played on. If on festivals or tours, at home or in foreign countries: The quartet reached every single audience and their fame grew. The reason why: PARASITE INC. developed their own sound right from the beginning while keeping their own trademarks. But not everything went well: line-up changes and the closing of their label followed, and so it became quiet around the band. Viewed from the outside, it looked like PARASITE INC. had disappeared as one of the highly praised talents within the depths of the scene.

But we were wrong! The Germans have been more active than ever, developing their sound continuously and were working intensely on new stuff in the background. In the mid of 2017, the band entered their own studio to record the long-awaited new album which is worth the waiting: eleven tracks unite into the mighty “Dead and Alive“. The band continues to offer powerful Melodic Death Metal – sometimes gloomy and atmospheric, sometimes straight into your face. But that’s not enough, so the band added several new elements like Punk, Thrash and 80’s Synth Rock, thus adding a lot of facets, creating a varied and exciting album that now arises. As with “Time Tears Down” the band had the complete control over the production.

Guitarist and singer Kai comments: It was definitely important for us to have a harmonious overall concept that satisfied us, from the artwork to the mix, while giving me a lot of time for the songwriting and above all for the lyrics. Our drummer Benni again did a fantastic job for the artwork and the mix.”  This time the mastering was done by the talented hands of Pitchback Studio mastermind Aljoscha Sieg who already gave the final touch to bands like August Burns Red, Nasty and Eskimo Callboy.

“Dead and Alive” is strongly influenced by their own fans, who significantly supported new PARASITE INC. album through a crowdfunding campaign.  It was released in August 2018 via Reaper Entertainment.

“Headf**k Rollercoaster”

Let’s meet the band:


Left to right:

Dominik Sorg – Guitar

Kai Bigler – Lead Vocals – Guitar

Benjamin Stelzer – Drums

Stefan Krämer – Bass

“Function Or Perish”

My Thoughts:

Where do I begin, OMFG, Paska, I have a thing for growl vocals, all my HeadBangers know this.  Soooo listen to this vocalist, Kai, and that bass, really all of it just goes straight to my inner gray matter and just tosses it all over the place.  Their music is right on the money for this day and time we are going through.  Yes HeadBangers you have to listen to the words not just the great sound lmao.  There is something about German Melodic Death Metal Bands that just really grabs me.  I always listen to the bands music while I write and right now I have chills listening to “Once And For All”.  All these songs are so perkele good, listen to that voice, watch this song “The Pulse of the Dead”, and look into those eyes, can you see it?

“The Pulse of the Dead”

It’s only for a few seconds so watch it 15 times like I did.  That little look of, as I call it, “Dark Intelligence”, very sexy look, it says there is so much more behind these eyes but it’s dark, can you handle it, enter at your own risk.  There’s no need for a gimmick with this band, just Jeans, T-shirts, and hair or bald is fine, but hair is a plus, my personal choice, but we all have our own it doesn’t stop the music.  I love a band that is real, just raw, hard, up in your face MDM (Melodic Death Metal) for those of you who don’t know.  Check out more of their music on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.  I would love to see them live so if you get the chance do it, you will not be sorry.  I’ve seen many of these bands live and there is something about being in the same time and place with them and other HeadBangers that’s like a thunder bolt hitting you, it’s a feeling you will never forget, and one that you will chase like a junkie.  

Well that’s it for this week, join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..


Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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