Welcome my HeadBangers from Lansing, Michigan:


Alternative Metal – Metalcore

“Echoes Still Remain”

What do you think my HeadBangers.


Let’s look at some bio on these guys, a big shout out to Elijah for sending me their press kit, I really appreciate it, 

From their humble beginnings in a dingy attic making rough demos on a trusty outdated tablet, Heart of Jordan are becoming the next hopeful to stand out in the often over-saturated, cookie-cutter metal and hard rock world. Storming out of the gate in 2018 with their debut self titled album and music video for its first single “Deny”, Heart of Jordan have quickly garnered international attention through fierce social media campaigns and DIY tactics that would make the most diehard indie band proud. And in this short time frame, they have wasted no time making their mark at venues around the region, having the honor of sharing the stage with many national touring acts such as Light The Torch, 36 Crazyfists, The Plot in You, and Nonpoint, among others.

Recorded with acclaimed producer Josh Schroeder (King 810, For The Fallen Dreams), the debut Heart of Jordan album brings a raw and modern twist to the sound of metalcore’s pioneers, while drawing from influences like anthemic eighties metal, dirty nineties grunge, and today’s heavyweight hard rock radio giants. From the emotive power of “Eye”, the minacious groove of “Deaf Ears”, to the infectious sing along choruses “Throne Alone” and “Echoes Still Remain, Heart of Jordan have established their signature sound through simplicity and ingenious song writing that resonates with a broad audience, all while embracing the integrity and devotion to their creative vision.

Heart of Jordan has no plans of slowing down, steadily increasing their social media presence, streaming and radio play stats, while searching for touring and label opportunities; all the while writing a new album and dropping their first single of 2020, “The Silence”, on 01/31/20. “We have a deep passion and drive for what we do and the music we create. We also have an understanding and respect for the business side of this band. There is a fine balance between the two that makes it all come together” – Elijah White, Guitar.  “We grind every day looking for new fans, constantly spreading the word and discovering connections to further introduce our music and our band to the world.” – Preston Mailand, Vocals

“The Silence”

Let’s meet the band my HeadBangers:

1Elijah White – guitar

Alfonso Civile – Bass

Preston Mailand – Vocals

Eric Tenyck – Guitar

Andrew Everett – Drums

“Deaf Ears”

“My Thoughts”

For a band that started in 2018, I have to say they really have it together.  I love their sound.  As their bio says they have “a deep passion and drive for what they do and the music they create”.   You can see it on their faces as they perform and hear it in their music, it all comes together.  They are up and coming my HeadBangers, so keep your eyes open for them.  They have reviews from AP (Alternative Press), Metal Injection, Riff Relevant, and Power Play Rock & Metal Magazine.  Visit their site to read these reviews and you will see what I mean.  If you get a chance to catch them at a gig, do it don’t even think about.  

Also HeadBangers check out their merch at:    heartofjordanstore.com.

Let’s show them our support HeadBangers, they are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, so check them out.  They are coming fast.

Well that’s it for this week, join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..


Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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