My HeadBangers welcome, from Leipzig, Saxony (Germany):  LUMBERHEAD

The above photo was taken by Andreas Kiehne. Check out his FB page at https://www.facebook.com/blackmediaconcerts/

This is an interesting place to live, check it:

Leipzig has long been a major centre for music, both classical as well as modern “dark alternative music” or dark-wave genres. The Oper Leipzig  is one of the most prominent opera houses in Germany. Leipzig is also home to the University of Music and Theater. It was during a stay in this city that Friedrich Schiller wrote his poem “Ode to Joy”. The Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, established in 1743, is one of the oldest symphony orchestras in the world. Johann Sebastian Bach is one among many major composers who lived and worked in Leipzig.  So these guys were born to play metal, it’s in their DNA.

“The Great Devourer”

“Sleep With Open Eyes”

Let’s look at some bio on these guys:

Since 2014 Lumberhead has been chopping their way through an undergrowth of neck breaking Grove, Death and Thrash Metal.  Rooted in bands like Lamb of God, Pantera, Crowbar, Motörhead, Mastodon, Gojira, The Haunted or Deserted Fear, Lumberhead’s live performances set the woods on fire.  With their self-titled debut album released on April 5, 2019,  they cut the deadwood out and left behind a deep swath of deforesting destruction.

I asked Per how they came up with the name Lumberhead and he told me:

To be honest:  In our founding days we’ve been looking for a name that combines our former musical influences like Machine Head oder MotorHead, with “wood-related” word.  That’s why we chose Lumberhead as the suitable band name.  Also Per said they have been working eagerly on their next album which will be released at the end of this year.  Furthermore we’ll release another video clip for one of our brand new songs.  We are also looking for a bigger label in order to take the next step.  Their next gig will take place on August 28th, details to follow. 

Let’s meet the band:


Handsome looking bunch of HeadBangers aren’t they.

From Left to right:

Olli – Drums

Per – Guitar

Rich – Vocals

Theo – Bass


This song gets the blood running.  Love the beat and the growl vocals.

I’ve listed all the bands social media sites, check them out:




Check them out on Spotify also.

10My Thoughts:

First off my HeadBangers, I have to give a big shout out, and thank you to Per Lümbersson, the guitar player and the man with the great hair, I kid you not, do I ever kid about the hair.  How did I find this terrific band, well I didn’t.  Per sent me a message on FB Messenger, telling me about the band and sent me a link to one of their songs.  I loved it the first time I heard it.  There are so many great bands in our metal family, and I do try to find them all, but it would be impossible, with that being said, if you have a band you can send me some info along with a link to your song and I will listen to it.  I am all about joining my HeadBangers from all over the world.  When you hear the music there are no barriers, no misunderstanding, we MetalHeads are just one big family.  Below is all my contact info, take the first step and let’s see what happens. 

Seriously check these guys out, their sound and those growl vocals get me every time.  I know we will be hearing a lot more about Lumberhead, how can we not.

Well that’s it for this week HeadBangers, join me next week for another band and another song.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..


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