Week 88 – Hinayana Band

Welcome my HeadBangers, from Austin, Texas, the Melodic Death/Doom Metal Band:                                               HINAYANA

“The Window”

Ok my HeadBangers, they have a great sound, however, these growl vocals are over powered by the music.  Growl vocals have to dominate the stage, but let’s see as we move on what’s in store.

“Cold Conception” 

Ok this is there new song just released on July 7, 2020.  You can hear the vocals better and not over powered by the music, everyone has an off day.

Let’s check out some bio on these guys:

Hinayana is a melodic metal band from Austin, Texas.  Hinayana was originally created as a one man project by Casey Hurd (who wrote and recorded the entire “Endless” demo/EP).  Casey has molded Hinayana into the full line up it is today, releasing Order Divine in 2018. 

They combine dark, brooding riffs with soaring melodic passages of guitars and key to create their unique, atmospheric sound.

I would like to know how they came up with this name Hinayana.

I wish I could give you more information on them, but there’s not that much out here and my attempts to contact them failed.  So this is all I have.  Let’s meet the band.


Casey Hurd – All instruments, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Daniel Vieira – Drums

Erik Shtaygrud – Guitars

Michael Anstice – Keyboards

Matt Bius – Bass


“Order Divine”

My Thoughts:

Every one of my HeadBangers know I am 100 percent about the growl vocals.  I hate to say this but I can’t make out anything that is being sung, the music is great and the growl vocals are low and raw but just can’t understand anything, and it’s English not like some of the bands on the blog that do Melodic Death Metal, which is my thing.  I believe them to have the talent to succeed, they have been around since 2014, so I think they need to work on the vocals and get a good bio.  But that’s just my thoughts, like I always say what speaks to me may not speak to you and vice versa..

Well HeadBangers, that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..


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