Retale vs Auslander

Something new to the blog for my HeadBangers.

As we are separated do to the Covid-19 Virus, over 4000 miles apart, we know there are a lot more out there like us, hang in there it will get better.  Keep together this is only a test.

Retale (MetalMan) vs Ausländer (You know it’s me)

One song, two different opinions or maybe the same, you be the judge.  Our thoughts are live as we are listening, I’m not going to edit them, what we say is how we feel.  Leave your comments HeadBangers.

Our first song is Mama I’m Coming Home.  

“Ozzy – Mama, I’m Coming Home”

And so it begins my HeadBangers:

Ausländer:  I love this song “Mama I’m coming home.

Retale:  So babe you know who wrote this song?

Ausländer:  No, who??  This should be my song lol!


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