Hey my HeadBangers, I have news for all you Wake Up Frankie lovers.  The guys gave me the opportunity to review their new EP that comes out the first week of August and it was an honor to be asked, thank you so much guys.  Lets go…..

My first experience with “Wake Up Frankie” was at Tuska in 2019.  My first Tuska Festival, but not my last.  I was overwhelmed with all the great bands and people from everywhere on this planet that had come to this 3 day metal festival that literally means pain, distress, agony and of course suffering.  So yes, since we are here let’s tattoo Perkele in Viking Runes on our arms, me and the BF, to bless this sacred occasion of pain.  What does Perkele mean, it is the most used curse word in Finland meaning evil spirit, but loses some of its meaning in the translation.  It has become a badge of honor to me for surviving the 3 days of Tuska.  At the end of day one I was already looking for a way to get out of day two, but no the BF wasn’t having any of that.  So I survived and we are ready for Tuska 2021, hopefully.  “Wake Up Frankie” was one of 100 bands chosen from metal bands all over Finland and after three live shows at the Tuska-Torstai 2019 competition they took first place.  This meant the band would perform at the Tuska Festival, it is the biggest Metal Festival in Finland. “ Wake Up Frankie” had left their mark and we would never be the same.

I am a metal blogger. For the last two years every week I bring a different metal band from around the world to your part of the planet.  I would never have found “Wake Up Frankie” if not for Tuska and I wanted the rest of the world to hear this group of hair moshing, growl vocalist that gave me goose bumps, who had fought and won against some great metal bands to claim their place on stage.  True bands love what they do, it is their life, they love their fans and people that do blogs.  They go out of their way to help you get any information you need to bring their story to the world of Headbangers. That is what I did on May 1, Week 78 at 10DegreesOfMetal.com.  I am honored that the guys asked me to review their new EP that is coming out in a few days. It means a lot to me, so let’s get to it Headbangers.

First let’s give you a look at these hotties, for those of you who don’t already know.


As a whole I give this EP a total of 30 Stars, can’t get better than that HeadBangers.

#1 – Dead Man’s Pass (Intro) just a little intro, which I love because it sounds like the lead in to a Clint Eastwood movie, the Italian Westerns he was famous for, but then you get to……

#2 – Green Is The New Black, and you better be ready for it, you are going to feel that music in your soul as the growl vocals rip you apart. Without a question this gets 5 Stars Headbangers.

#3 – The Outlaw, Perkele, my Headbangers, this song if I could I would give it more than 5 Stars.  It is the perfect combination of Thrash Metal and raw vocals.  These guys have it by the throat and are not afraid to squeeze it for all it’s worth.  This is my favorite, even though I try not to have a favorite, but hell you can’t help yourself sometimes.  Those growl vocals are insane, you know growl vocals date back to 845 BC.  Yes they do, planning a book on them when I have time. Singers who can master the growl vocals without destroying their throat have my admiration.  Anyone can scream a song out but not everyone can do it like a true growl vocalist, and to command the stage while doing it, this vocalists energy and power grabs you and won’t let go. He is brutal and so is the rest of Wake Up Frankie.  When they are on stage just stand back and ride the wave till it’s over.

OK speaking of “The Outlaw”, you can be my Outlaw anytime!!

“The Outlaw”

#4 – Ignite, and just when you think you have heard the best you can get, here they come with song 4, Ignite.  Just as loud and strong as ever. There are people who don’t realize that musicians are physically strong.  I’ve had this talk many times.  Do you know what it takes to do growl vocals all night?  Or beat those drums without missing a beat? To play the bass or guitar while your hands and fingers are on fire. Welcome to Wake Up Frankie’s world my Headbangers.  Another 5 Stars.

#5 – Sixpounder, I really like the lyrics and the beat on this song. It appears that every song on this EP, is bound to be a winner.  One great song after the other, this EP, I know I’ll be getting this as soon as it comes out.  This music inspires me to get up and move.  Another 5 Stars guys. Then we have our last song…

#6 – Losing Light, Holy Paska guys I love how it starts out. This song is a little different than the rest.  I would call it a little quieter, but then towards the end out comes the growl vocals.  Then growl mixed with clean vocals.  This is genius guys.  I’m going to give this a 5 Star, remember HeadBangers what speaks to me may not speak to you and vice versa.  One thing you can be sure of every song on this EP was brought to us by a band who only gives 110 percent to their craft.  The EP comes out the first week in August, get it and I mean fast, they deserve the appreciation of all their fans, after all look what music they have given to us.

Just a little mention of how they got the name “Wake Up Frankie”

In 2014 at the beginning (the band did not officially become WuF till 2017), Otto related in an interview that they had a drummer and he never rehearsed because he didn’t seem to have the time.  The band members complained about it, the drummer said, “Hey take it easy, it takes time to wake up Frankenstein’s monster”. They started playing around with it and ended up with “Wake Up Frankie”. I just love a band that has a name with a great story.  Below are all the guys, and to find out more read the blog, visit their Face Book page, and if at any time you get the chance to see them live, do it, it will blow you away.

The Band Members:

Kasperi Merilainen – Vocals

Otto Halli – Guitars, Vocals

Vesku Paakkonen – Guitars, Vocals

Dimitris Kavvadas – Bass, Vocals

Jari Rantanen – Drums

Well my HeadBangers this was another experience in Metal that I will always remember.   With all this Covid-19 paska it’s hard to feel good these days but, today I feel great and why…..it’s the music HeadBangers always the music that gets me through the day, week, month, it is the one thing that brings us together, I love my HeadBangers.  Make sure you visit their Facebook Page, Instagram, and don’t forget to get the EP.  It will be out the first week in August, Itunes has it for pre-order, yes I have already ordered it, we support our bands HeadBangers.

I’ll be here next week with another band and another song.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..




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