Update on Friends of the Blog: CARMILLA BAND

For immediately release my HeadBangers, welcome back friends of the blog:    Carmilla Band



I know this is a little fuzzy but bear with me HeadBangers, I’ve upgraded the blog to the highest I can go and I’m not totally used to it yet, but there will be a lot of great changes coming so hang in there with me.

Here’s their new song:  As You Fall

Listen to it all on Spotify

As I have told the band many times, since Nathalie has joined the band it’s as if she awakened something that was sleeping.  They combined and it was like an explosion of everything that was deep inside them.  It came flowing out and the sound they make together is one of the best I’ve heard.  Nathalie’s voice is just perfect, her growl vocals are music to my soul.  This is what happens when a band and a singer that are destined to make great music meet.  Fking awesome, I just love this band.

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