My HeadBangers, welcome from Valencia, Spain, the melodic death metal band with a personal touch,   SYNLAKROSS

“Curly Wolves”

Well my HeadBangers what do you think?


Let’s look at some bio on this band, taken from their site:

SynlakrosS is a Spanish female fronted band which plays a Melodic Death Metal base with some of alternative metal, nu-metal and metalcore influences. With their music and thematic lyrics they inject a good dose of energy and that transport your mind to a world of adventure with a good deal of rebellion. Sharp riffs and powerful rhythms accompanying a female voice with soft melodies and crazy screams that will caress and shake your eardrum equally.

Their influences are bands as In Flames, The Gazette, Korn, Slipknot, Dir En Grey, Lamb of God, among others.

Then band was formed in 2008 by Pablo ‘Roro’ and Tiko Martinez (ex-drummer), and the line-up was closed in 2010. The SynlakrosS crew consists of five talented members well know for their charisma on stage, passionate music and proximity with their fans. Since the beginning, SynlakrosS has been building a solid worldwide fan base.

In 2011 they released “SynlakrosS” demo and in 2013 their first album “Melodichrome”, which was succeded by the singles “Wish I Had An Angel” in 2014 and “Drangon Egg” in 2015. Was this year when they were proclaimed WINNERS of the contest GRANITO ROCK FESTIVAL in the METAL SECTION, receiving national recognition and when they shared stage with bands such as SARATOGA, VITA IMANA and ANGELUS APATRIDA.

Their second album ‘Death Bullets For A Forajido’, available since May 26, 2016, is always receiving excellent reviews from around the world. This album is a turning point in their career that has allowed them to share stage with the international bands THE AGONIST and JINJER on their Spanish tours and PRIMAL FEAR at Granito Rock Festival. Thanks to this work they have chosen ‘Revelation Band of the Year’, ‘Best Album’, ‘Best Album Cover’ and ‘Best Music Video’ by national and international press.


The evolution continues with ‘Malice Murder’, her third album that combines supernatural horror, violence, satanism and sensuality in her songs. Released on October 16, 2018, with this album SynlakrosS has been on tour in PORTUGAL, ENGLAND and WALES.

Unfortunately, due to the corona virus pandemic, the dates that were scheduled for spring-summer in France, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium have had to be canceled, including the MISE OPEN AIR festival where they are going to share the stage with bands like VADER , DESTRUCTION, GRAVE DIGGER, BURNING WITCHES and many more. Postponed to June 2021.

0K4M1 is the new work of the band. With this fourth album, SynlakroS has reached a new level of originality, creativity and maturity that is solidified in this ‘Opera Rock’, about a half-human, half-alien creature sending us a message from somewhere millions of light years away.

A dark but beautiful album, sad but full of energy. Pre-produced by Roronona and produced by Facundo Novo at Novo Studios.

SynlakrosS continues creating and composing with the excitement of the first day, like a big family and working very hard. The band want to release their new album 0K4M1 as soon as possible, and are setting their eyes on a new European tour in 2021.

A little sneak peak at the new album that will be out in 2020.

Ok HeadBangers let’s meet the band:


Patricia Pons – Singer (2010 – present)

‘Roro’ Pablo Fuentes – Leader & Bassist (2008 – present)​

Ivan Muñoz  – Guitarist (2010 – present)​

Aaron Hidalgo  – Guitarist (2017 – present)​

Dan Shurak – Drummer (2019 – present)

I have to say this is a good looking bunch of MetalHeads.

“Fatal Frame”

My Thoughts:

Well my HeadBangers here we have it, some great music with a twist and a great vocalist, who can handle the deepest of growl vocals and also throw some clean vocals out to us.  The band is flawless they have this sound to them that sticks with you after the song is over and keeps your body moving.  I can only imagine what the performance is like at a live gig.  Well you all know how I feel about my Melodic Death Metal, and this band sure does give it that extra twist.  Definitely different than a lot of Melodic Death Metal that I’ve heard, but that’s a good thing.  This world is big  and full of music, and cultures that each bring a different twist to Metal.  We should all hear each others differences and you will find that we are different and at the same time we are all the same.  Our Metal is what makes us family, yes if only Metal could rule this planet what a better place it would be.  Trust each other, always stand by your word, and have each others back, true Metal Familia my HeadBangers.

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..


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  1. Hi!!

    What an extensive review and biography of the band I recommended you on DM.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of my recommendations 🙂.

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