2 Days And Counting

Almost there my HeadBangers, just not enough days to cover all my favorite bands, here are 2 more..

Kryptos, Bangalore, India – see Week 46


This song never gets old to me, I could listen to it everyday.



Aephanemer, Toulouse, France – see Week 54


This woman can growl vocal all day long.


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    1. It’s always a good change of pace. Probably my favourite lady metalhead vocalist is Vas Kallas from HuG.

      Though I admittedly haven’t gotten Black Forest Metal or Satanik Germanic yet.

      1. Will do soon as I get to my nearest Bullmoose.

        You got any good Swedish lady metal bands for me?

        I listen to Leaves Eyes sometimes but she ain’t a growler, does some Old English songs though which is pretty neat.

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