I have an update on a band that is a big friend of the blog and vice versa.  They sing a lot of songs to help those of us that are challenged during times in our lives with mental health issues.  I have  much respect for this band, especially my dear friend Ro.  He and the band with their songs have taught me how to think that maybe that person that is bugging me out really has an issue an it isn’t me.  That maybe I should extend the hand.  Truly I love them.  They are from Regensburg, Germany.  It seems a lot of my favorite bands are coming from Germany lately.  Below is their new single:


So Good Guys!!!!!!!!!!   Visit them at Facebook and  teorshop.com

This Band deserves whatever you can do as far as purchases, they give so much and ask for so little.  They help people across the planet.   I’m here for you guys anytime you need anything.  Always.


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