My HeadBangers, BaYaT our friends from Novi Sad, Serbia, have a new single out, just released yesterday and here it is:


Ok HeadBangers this was shot in the beautiful Fruška Gora Mountain.  I love how they shot this video.  I like that it’s eerie lol, you don’t have to put a million bucks into a video for it to be good.  And to add some history to it only makes me love it more.  Plus in my opinion BaYat sounds better than ever, those vocals are great.  Since my HeadBangers know I love a band that has history, how about a little history on the Fruška Gora Mountain, I was surprised, let me know what you think…

The lonely island mountain erected in the middle of great Pannonian Basin, scientists call “the mirror of geographical past”. Serbs can call it the mirror of cultural and spiritual past which hold century’s old forests of the oldest Serbian National park.

Ninety million years ago, Fruška Gora Mountain was an island in Pannonian sea. When the sea went dry, the island remained without its aquatic neighbor, but in exchange nature bestowed upon it the role of the only mountain in the flat Vojvodina, raised in the shape of a narrow reef, approximately 46 miles long, from which extend single lateral reefs flourishing with oak, hornbeam, beech and basswood forests.

Talk about some history, what better place to shoot a video.  I love it guys, keep it going…..

Here’s a link for you guys:



Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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