Nightshadow – Album Release – Feb. 26

My HeadBangers, Nightshadow, the power metal band from San Diego, California, will be releasing their new album February 26th via Rotted Brain Records.  They have given me the opportunity to hear and review the music before release.  They also are giving you a listen to what is coming.  I listened to this song, “Ripper”, and all I can say is OMFG give me more…..

Nightshadow was on the blog Week 32, so for their story check it out.  I can say, I’m really loving this new album and I so appreciate them letting me hear it.    I wish you could hear what I’m hearing right now.  For all lovers of Power Metal, this album does not disappoint.  It’s high energy and will have you wanting more, and right now with all that’s happening in this world we need some upbeat, fast and up in your face music to help us make it through the day.   Check out “False Truths”, one of my favs.  There are 10 songs, one you have already heard above, so you have 9 to go.   I know my HeadBangers will dig everyone of them as much as I have.   Thank you so much guys for this sneak peek at what’s coming this week.  I’m really happy and excited for you, it’s so good.

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Twitter:  @nightshadow619

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Instagram:  Nightshadowoffical

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