My HeadBangers, welcome from Finland, the hard rock band:

Temple Balls

“Thunder From The North”

This band will get your blood moving in the morning no need for any coffee…..

“Off the Grid”

Listen to that bass, those guitars and drums, how can you not dig these guys!!!  Don’t get me started on the front man, not yet lol!!!!

Perkele, let me catch my breath, lmao.  Ok let’s look at some bio on these hard rockers, directly from them:

Temple Balls is an energetic hard rock band from Finland.

For the past couple of years Temple Balls has kept busy, both in the studio and on the stage. Opening for bands like Queen, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep they have proven to be more than able to handle big stages as well. Whether it be a big festival or your local club’s stage, the band will set your friggin’ pants on fire. Seriously I was thinking that but didn’t want to say it lmfao.

The first official single ”Hell And Feelin’ Fine” was released on September 1st 2016 and got loads of airtime on Finnish Radio Rock. The debut album was recorded at Karma Sound Studios (Thailand) on May 2016, and saw the daylight on February 24th 2017. ”Traded Dreams” was released via Finnish record label Ranka Kustannus whose captain is the founder of Spinefarm Records – the label behind such acts as Nightwish, Children of Bodom, etc.

“Hell and Feelin’ Fine”

After the release in Finland the album was put out in Germany on May 5th via SoulFood Music and December 15th in Japan via Ward records. The album was produced by Tobias Lindell, who is known for his collaborations with bands like Europe, Mustasch and H.E.A.T.

The fall of 2017 started with a sold-out tour across Finland with a big heavy metal magnet Battle Beast. Temple Balls also played in Japan for the first time, and did a 5-day tour of Ukraine in late 2017. In April 2018 the guys did a two week our across the Baltics and Eastern-Europe. After their first show in Japan the readers of the biggest rock magazine Burrn! voted TB as ‘the 2nd brightest hope’ and were chosen as ‘The newcomer of the year’ on Masa Ito’s Rock TV.

‘Kill the Voice’ was released on November 2nd 2018 and was the first official single from their second album. It got a good response immediately after its release and was put on a few big Spotify playlists.

“Kill The Voice”

For me I prefer gigs like this, in smaller places, it’s more intimate.  I’ve been to quite a few in Helsinki, COB, The Local Band, Bloodred Hourglass, Finntroll. and 69 Eyes.  It’s so much more personal, not that the festivals like Tuska aren’t great, but there’s a closeness you feel when you’re just feet away from your favorite bands and that’s the truth!

The second single ‘Distorted Emotions’ dropped on February 8th 2019 with a bang. The second album ‘Untamed’ was released March 8th and immediately got fantastic reviews from the music media such as Soundi and Burrn! magazines.  With the release of Untamed the group toured relentlessly in Finland, and most notably did a five week tour of Europe supporting the mighty power metal powerhouse Sonata Arctica. The Talviyö tour consisted of 16 countries, 27 cities and many legendary venues such as Electric Ballroom, London and Z7, Switzerland among many others.

Early 2020, touring continued with Sonata Arctica, now supporting them in Finland. Further into the spring, Frontiers records SLR signs Temple Balls to their ever growing catalogue of greatness, which includes acts such as Europe, Dokken and Whitesnake, just to name a few! Right before the pandemic hit the band did a two week tour of Europe again, now touring with Finnish acts Shiraz Lane and Block Buster.   You can see more on Shiraz Lane, see Week 103!

As of now, the group has finished recording their upcoming third album “Pyromide”, consisting of 11 all new, original tracks. As with Untamed two years earlier, the producer’s hat was once again worn by Jona Tee of H.E.A.T.  Pyromide is to be released in the spring of 2021 via Frontiers Records SLR along with a few singles.

Let’s meet the band, and my HeadBanging girls try to hold on to yourselves ok lmao…..

Antti Hissa – Drums

Jiri Paavonaho – Guitar

Arde Teronen – Vocals

Niko Vuorela – Guitar

Jimi Vänkangas – Bass

“My Thoughts”
First off the guys will be touring later this year with H.E.A.T., who will be on the blog next week, so don’t miss it.  Also I did ask how they came up with the name Temple Balls, you know I have a thing about History in a band and I just had a feeling.  Well the Bass Player, Jimi, had read Andy McCoy’s autobiography on Hanoi Rocks and saw it in the book.  They liked it so they went with it.  Well I have found the book and now I want to know what Temple Balls meant to them, you know there’s gotta be a meaning and you know I will find it one way or another lmao.  Well I found it, and as I know the story of Hanoi Rocks, I’m going to assume that this would be correct.  Temple Balls are known also as temple ball hashish, and have been created in regions of Nepal for 1000’s of years. This hashish is a whole plant concentrate, which when aged, produces a potent high along with a mixture of aromas.  It’s all over the net, they actually look like glossy round wooden balls, but they’re not lol.  A perfect name for a Band that will get you high on their music, they sure have me hooked.  I told you there was history here and there it is, you know this HeadBanger can find anything when I feel there is something more.  Seriously a great piece of history for this hot ass band.  I can’t end this without say something about the Frontman, Arde, yeah besides being a hottie put that aside, he has an incredible voice, I keep listening to it and watching how his energy just drives the band.  The best bands have frontmen that are pure fire and energy and have the crowd in the palm of their hand.  I have seen this many times when at gigs in Helsinki.  One example is Bloodred Hourglass, their frontman Jarkko Koukonen, when I saw them in Helsinki, I was frozen in place.  When I’m at a gig you won’t see me jumping around, I am way to busy observing, yeah I watch the band, the frontman, the crowd, how they react to the frontman.  Arde, like Jarkko, like all the great frontmen/frontwomen, have the crowd, they know what we want and they give it to us, and we love them for it.  I hope to see Temple Balls someday when all this Corona Madness is over.  And yeah I’ve already bought their music, its on my phone and I blast it first thing in the morning to get me going for another day at work.  So thank you guys, you are now part of the 10DegreesOfMetal Family, anything you need, I’m here, just let me know and it shall be done.  
Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week, join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime don’t stand too close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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