My HeadBangers welcome from Utrecht, The Netherlands:


Let’s look at some bio on this band:

First I’d like to take time to thank Jerry and Johnny for the bio and all the info, now on with the bio:

Starting a new band during the Corona lockdown with curfew?  That’s about the worst timing you can think of, but blood is thicker than water.

In 2020 Jeroen van Donselaar (Jerry) (guitar, ex-Agonized) relocated from Berlin to Utrecht.  He soon teamed up again with Johnny (Drums).  Both previously played in the bands Bloodgod and Nuestros Derechos.

This time they operate under the moniker Beyond the Pale.

Their first release is “Storm en drift”, recorded specifically for the compilation album in support of dB’s, Utrecht’s premier independent underground venue that is in dire straits.

Frank van Boven (Disquiet, ex-Bloodgod) was asked as guest vocalist.  Folkert van Blom (Mass Audio), who recorded and mixed, also programmed the bass line.

 The song is also an open invitation for potential band members to join this duo.  A few words from Johnny:

“Our intention is to transform Beyond the Pale into a full-fledged band that can perform live on stage.  So, if you are a (lead) guitarist, bass player or singer, please feel free to contact us!”

They can be reached at the following:

Email:  beyondthepale666@gmail.com

More Info:  https://beyondthepale.nl

Below are the links to their other social media:





I’m looking forward to hearing new music from these guys.  So all who are interested in playing with the band, please contact them.  This is the perfect time to start a band, Corona may come and go, but Metal will be here forever.  As the band grows, so will their bio and anything new will be updated.  I will post anything new asap, in the meantime, don’t stand to close to the fire is you can’t handle the burn…..


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  1. Dutch and German I think are my favourite metal languages, I’m still working on my ear for Danish and Swedish.

    I liked this song a lot, I’ll be looking into them I think. You always have good finds.

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