My HeadBangers please welcome from Lorraine, France, the Trash Metalcore Band:



I can’t wait to tell you their story, in their words, so let’s just jump in:

About 1 year ago,  2019, I was going to see my friend Steph (guitar) to offer him to start a hardcore band. We hadn’t played in a band for over 10 years each. But now, quarantine is approaching and we have decided to have our crisis before!

Our goal: to get back on stage, to have fun, to feel emotions that we had forgotten … but not only! We realized that we needed to get together … I mean, between people sharing the same passions, the same tastes! Spending evenings together … getting out of the daily grind that is bit by bit gnawing at us.

So we started looking for a bass player and a drummer. We found Myk, who volunteered for the bass. Myk was a friend and a former reggae bassist … ahah Not really our style but hey, his personality is so great. This guy has a huge heart. So bingo, we’ll see what it will give!

Then we made an ad for a drummer, and after an interesting but inconclusive interview with a drummer, Vince was the second to answer us. Despite his young age, we found him to have quite an interesting potential! And after a very nice restaurant we decided to adopt it! (good on the other hand he hardly drinks alcohol … what is this sanitized generation!)

There were four of us, the machine was on, the rehearsals followed one another slowly but surely in search of a style of our own. Alcohol flowed freely, (except for one) between two rounds of Pro-Pain and Hatebreed.

Then, around July, we decided to take on a second guitarist. More more impact, more power, more fun !! (and especially because Steph doesn’t like to do solos and that I really like). As luck does things well, Steph met JM at work … and when 2 guitarists discuss between them … the chemistry took hold.

Here we are now in November … it’s been a little over a year now that I proposed to Steph to create a band. Where are we? 3 covers, 1 finished composition, 7 compositions to work on, to structure … it is progressing slowly but surely.

It’s gone for a second year, which we hope will be productive and allow us to go on stage !!


This year is an important year for us because we had a lot of change at the end of 2019. We had to part with Myk, our bassist. Life is made up of unforeseen events, hardships, choices … Myk has made his own. He had no more time to devote to the group because there were too many projects on the side.  So we actively sought, and surprise: an old acquaintance!

Manu, the former bassist of seb in the group “Darwin’s Théory” was obvious to us. Indeed, Manu is the weight of age! manu is the experience of life, the experience of metal … more than 30 years in the service of metal. But it’s also the very kindness (well, you don’t have to heat it too much, eh!), Good humor, and the spirit of camaraderie! All we are looking for! Friends, sik, beers!  So here we are complete!   So here we are in January, 2 finished compositions, 2 in tweaking, 3 covers….

We can therefore hope to go on stage this year for possible first parts, and if all goes well the recording of an EP and the shooting of a clip why not!  

Our only enemy: time! Family life and our respective jobs prevent us from seeing each other regularly … but once the machine is on, it should be fine.


It all started so well this year, we were complete, we were chaining the compositions … and bim! In our ass the covid!

4 months without seeing each other, tried to compose each on our side … Some continuing to work in contact with the virus, others trapped at home without being able to go out … it hurt us. So much so that during the de-containment, we had more news from our lead guitarist. total nothingness!

Apparently his priorities have changed, and the group is no longer one of them.  We will therefore recruit a new guitarist, more motivated, more present!

But especially someone who has the same conception as us of what is called “a group”. We are therefore looking for a new member to complete our family! We’ll keep you posted!


Fucking covid! fucking country! fucking government! Once again we are ruled by incompetent people …

Anyway, it makes you wonder if all this is not calculated. We are too many on earth … no more significant war … so a good purge by a virus! why not! in short, let’s not debate it.  Still, between confinement and curfew nothing is moving forward.

Festivals canceled, concerts canceled, we can’t even repeat. We’re just good at going to work (with the metro, the buses full of people … but the government doesn’t mind that!), Get home and above all shut up! In short, like all the other groups we are working at home on our album, we are moving slowly but surely, we record when possible …

We really have to be ready when all this bullshit is over.

Besides, I forgot to introduce you to our new guitarist Tiziano!

Welcome to you my friend. I’m writing this text but it’s been a long time since you arrived among us … and frankly it does it well! We can say it now, my brothers … The family is complete!

We have never advanced so far, we get along well, we really have a lot of fun playing together and I think it will get along on our lines. We finally find a musical identity that is unique to us.  We will therefore see what the future holds for us!

2021 Again And Again

Here we are, we are in 2021 … time does not stop, even during a period of confinement. Happy New Year everyone, good health to you and all your loved ones. Hoping one day to find freedom.

We are moving forward … Recordings of the first compositions, mastering, then the 1st in-house clip (covid obliges), a 2nd clip in preparation … that’s it, things are moving. We have a lot of projects and surprises in the works … including streaming interviews with our new compositions for you to discover. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

Currently we are ready for the first parts, but by the time the concerts resume we will surely have released our album like many other bands. The competition is going to be tough!

The next step will therefore be the conclusion of our album as well as the search for a label.  We keep you up to speed, friends!  Stay Strong!

Let’s meet the band:

These are the best pics I could get, but there are pics on FB, Instagram, their website check them all out.

I do have info on all the guys so here we go:

Tiziano – Guitarist – joined 2020 – 20 years old

Manu – Bass – joined 2019 – 53 years old

Steph – Guitarist – joined 2018 – 39 years old

Vince – Drums – joined 2019 – 18 years old

Seb – Vocals – joined 2018 – 38 years old

“Bushido Code”

My Thoughts:

My HeadBangers there are times when I am looking for a band to put on the blog, that I run across one that just grabs me and no matter how long or short amount of time they have been in the business I have to bring them into our metal family.  So it is with “The Soul Of Bushido”.  Hearing this band and looking at the members, well, as I have said before this band spoke to me.  The one thing that really got to me was their ages.  I usually do not put that info on here, but this time I had to.  If only to prove a point that music unites us no matter our age or where we are from.  I love Thrash, well really I love all metal, but we all have our favorites don’t we.  I love Bushido’s sound, and like the rest of the world they have been caught up with COVID, which has really affected the music industry as far as live gigs.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, at some point gigs can resume.  Our human spirit will not accept sitting on our hands for very much longer.  We all do what we have to just to survive, but music, Covid can never stop the music.  It will go on even though there are bumps in the road one way or another it will be heard.  I also love the name they have chosen.   Years ago I read a book called:

Bushido: The Way of the Samurai 

It was written in the 18th century by Tsunetomo Yamamoto.  He created the Hagakure, a document that served as the basis for samurai warrior behavior.  There are 7 virtues of Bushido, they are:

GI – Justice or Integrity

YU – Courage

JIN – Mercy or Benevolence

REI – Respect

MAKOTO – Honesty

MEIYO – Honor

CHUGI – Loyalty

If only we all lived by these 7 virtues.  I have always admired warriors, whether Samurai, Viking, Indian, Roman Gladiators and this band I definitely would put in this category.  Oh and of course the growl vocals, whether English or French, it makes no difference to me, they are dark, deep, and a powerful sound that the singer pulls from his soul to bring a song to life.  What more can you expect from a metal band, nothing can stop us, we continue and always will.

That’s it for this week my HeadBangers.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Who knows what I’ll find next.  In the mean time, don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

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