My HeadBangers I have been absent as many of you have let me know.  Thank you for your messages of concern.  As we all know this past year has been a very long and shitty year to put it bluntly.  We all have had these feelings, some just linger a little longer than others, we are all different.  I took some time and a BIG thank you to H

Åkan Ålander of Carmilla Band, Ro Seven of TEOR, Adamcam10 on Instagram with his Savage Wisdom, and my ever faithful devil cat Snake, I realized it was time to get off my ass and get back into the blog where I belong.  Sometimes it’s easier to go inside yourself for awhile and take a long look at what you want to do and what you need to do.  Well I have the want and need to do this blog, it is my heart and soul, and thank you to the guys above who always, even if they didn’t know it, with their words and music made me realize life is still moving and so am I.  With that being said let’s get back to it.  The fire is still strong…..



And there you have the 4 most important males in my life lmao.  See all my HeadBangers here next Friday, December 31 for a wrap up of the 2021 year.  2022 will be a new year and 10Degreesofmetal will come with more fire…..

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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