GOODBYE 2021…..

My HeadBangers, let me start by saying, I just needed some time.  Thank you for your emails and messages, you are all an inspiration and I appreciate it so much.  2021 just wore me out with Covid and all the variants, and I have no doubt that more will be coming.  I’ve had my shots and the booster, and the flu shot that fights 4 different types of flu.  Please stop, I feel like shit just from all this vaccine omfg.  I wanted to just close out this year with some of my favorites.  Next week back to the normal blog.  With that being said I have to post a song that has gotten me through more things in my life than I care to count,  my boys, “DISTURBED”, I have secretly been in love with Dave for years, he’s just a badass, and that voice…


Thanks guys for the inspiration.  

Next I have to bring you one of Sweden’s best, Carmilla Band with their new front woman Alena Yashkina from Russia…..


I have to thank Håkan for his continued support.  Sometimes we all just need to know that someone  has supportive words and believes in what you are doing.  You are the best, a big thank you.

This band “TEOR” The Edge of Reason, from Germany, I love them, they say their music is emotional Post-Hardcore.  Frontman Ro Seven and I have been communicating for a very long time.  I consider him a very dear friend, he’s been through alot and makes no secret of it.  Listen to their music, they work hard and the music tells the story.  

“Satori – The Edge Of Reason feat. Michael Vampire (Dead Girls Academy)”

There are so many bands that I have come to love.  When you do a blog in any area, mine just happens to be Metal Music, you interact with the bands, you come to know their stories, they become family that’s how I describe it.  There is so much to these bands, each member has their own story and this is what makes them who they are, they bring this to their music.  I guess this is why I am so emotional about my bands, I feel them.  Metal family is strong.  Here are a few more I love…

“Arched Fire – Escape”

This band is from  Kemijärvi in Finnish Lapland.  I love the fast hard hitting music, definitely one you need to check out.  A mix of Speed and Thrash, love it guys.

“Thy Kingdom Will Burn – Rise Against”

Here is another of my favs from Kouvola, Finland of course.  I love my Nordic music, everyone knows that, so take a listen HeadBangers you might hear something you haven’t heard before.

I could keep doing this all day but I think I would run out of room.  Take a look at the Weekly Band List, they are all there.  Everyone of them brings the fire.  With that being said I am closing it out for this week and saying goodbye to 2021.  Hello 2022, I’ll be back next Friday with another band and another song.  Until then don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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