My HeadBangers welcome from Helsinki, Finland the Modern Rock/Alternative Metal Band:


“Since Blood”

Just released on January 6th.

“Highway of Denial”

I am hearing some Speed/Thrash in this one, what do you think HeadBangers?

Well my HeadBangers, I have been very lucky with the last 2 bands.  Why you ask, well because they will actually answer questions, I consider it an interview.  I want to do a lot more of these.  We all like the history of a band, which I can find most of the time.  But to have a band take the time to tell us how they feel, how they started, what they are up to is something I really enjoy.  So with any luck we will have more in the future.  Now to the band interview. my questions are in blue as usual and theirs are in black.

First I’d like to thank Antti, “Vocals”, for all his help.  

Before we start, and I always ask this question, how are all of you doing with the Covid? I know other bands in the USA and in the EU are going crazy not being able to do any gigs yet, or they are scheduled and then cancelled.  Has this affect you much?

It goes in waves, at the moment th situation is bad again and there’s basically no events at all because of restrictions.  We.ve played only a few shows during the Covid time.

Like many other bands, we’ve been actually holding the album release for almost two years now, but at this point we want to move forward so we decided to release the album “Remnants”, now on January 21st.  We’re optimistic that we could play at least some shows during spring and in summer.  We also wanted to release the alum now, since there are many themes in those songs that people can relate to during this crazy period of our lives.

I agree with your thought that we can all relate to music during this crazy time.  I don’t think it will ever end, but I do think we are all learning to survive, it is a valuable lesson, we can all survive on less.  Anyway my next questions is Affection was started in 2013, what made you want to start a band?

I had played guitar in a few local metal bands before, and I had written some songs earlier as well.  Around that time, I didn’t have a band and there were some emotionally heavy moments back then in my life, so I started to write new songs and that helped me through that hard time.  This time, I also had the urge to sing these songs.  That’s how Affection was born.

This is a question I have asked every band since I started the blog lol.  What does the name Affection mean?  How did you choose the name?

Well like many things like beer, great metal music and also some specific English words.  Even though it’s not my native language, I tend to “collect” some specific English words since they just ring out nice.  So when we were throwing our band name ideas after playing a few months together.  Affection got most of the votes since it’s quite a diverse word. and it’s not the most typical metal band name either.  Both of these facts reflect to us, diverse and not the most typical.

The meaning of the word is probably a clear thing, but I like to think that our band name becomes full potential on the stage -when our music is affecting the audience and vice versa.

Good answer, the emotion between the audience and band is strong, and I can see Affection there.  There is a bond between all metalheads and their bands.

Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?

I just get these melodies or rhythmic ideas, which later evolve to full songs.  Sometimes there’s a lyrical line or two immediately on my mind as well, but usually it’s just some kind of emotion or atmosphere that is related to that song skeleton first.  So later, when I write the lyrics to a finished song, I try to “spell out” what the song is trying to say.

Some songs are about being lost in your own thoughts and dark waters of the mind, most of the songs are carrying an empowering message usually with a punch of attitude.  We also have two songs that are based of dreams.  And yes, they were some special nightmares.

A lot of bands will have their songs geared towards the planet, society, war, etc., is there a certain area that you gear your music towards?  Is there a message or is it for the listener to decide what it means to them?

I like the idea that listeners can find different meanings from our songs, but yes, besides all that, there’s a strong message on our upcoming album against today’s ultra efficient society that grinds individuals for breakfast.

We cover multiple themes on our album, but in general it carries the message to hold yourself together and not to care too much about those who try to kick you down.  It serves also as a reminder to be the authentic version of yourself, since that’s the most valuable thing you have after all.

There you have it my HeadBangers.  I have to say this is one of my favorite interviews.  I really respect someone who puts it all out there, and still walks through the fire on a daily basis.  Just be who you are don’t change for anyone because in the end you will always go back to who you really are.  Thank you so much Antti, this was really great.

Now let’s meet the band:

From left to right:

Olli Rinnevalli – Guitar

Antti (Andy H.C.) – Vocals

Panu Nykänen – Bass

Reda Kramdi – Drums

“Thousand Mirrors”

My Thoughts:

Well my HeadBangers, what do you think?  I think these guys are great.  Listen to the first song “Since Blood”.  Can you hear the difference from the last song which was four years ago.  I sure can.  Their music is a lot harder, faster, I just get that HeadBanger rush listening to it.  I can’t wait to hear the album.  Then there’s a really deep emotion Antti has in his voice, it just flows.  I wish I could have seen them live, you know that atmosphere would be electrical.  Who knows maybe someday festivals will be opening up again everywhere, until then we have them for a short time here on the blog and in their music.  Don’t forget their debut album comes out January 21st.  They are also on all are social media out there, check them out.  Also did you notice they seem to like fire, men after my own heart.

Well HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  If there’s a band you want to see on here just hit me up.  In the meantime don’t stand too close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..



Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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