It’s HUMP DAY so here’s a couple of bands I can’t do without……

“Rise Against”

Thy Kingdom Will Burn…. I have loved this band since I first heard them.  Check them out.  Great growl vocals and  one of my top 10.

“Sunset Shore”

The first time I heard and saw this band, Týr, they had me.  From the Faroe Islands, I just burn everytime I hear these guys.  Listen the those drums and that bass, just kill me.  Sorry I gotta put another one on, you know how I love my Vikings…

“Hold The Heathen Hammer High”

“Feuer Frei”

I was listening to this at work today.  I fking love RAMMSTEIN, bang bang………

I think we all need a HUMP DAY wake up so I’m adding this to the blog.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  What would we do without music, I would die…..



14 thoughts on “HUMP DAY – WE’RE ALMOST DONE!!!

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      1. I love my greek bands. There are so many great bands all over this planet I can’t keep up with all of them lol. I haven’t heard of Slet Det but I’m going to check them out. I am totally a nordic band person, but I love what I find when I start looking around. If you know of any bands you would like to see on the blog let me know. I really appreciate you taking time to leave me a message. This week on Hump Day I’ll try to find something really good for you lol.

      2. No I haven’t, but I will check them out. Heavy/progressive metal, from Georgia, USA, started in 2000. Damn I am fast lol.

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