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“In The Name of God”

Well there are a lot of top MetalHeads that like where Becoming is going.

This song is from the 3rd album, “In The Name of God”.  Now don’t think this is a religious song, it’s not.  In my talks with Becoming’s, Jason Hardouin, who not only does the writing but also the mixing and recording, he is non-religious.  Jason told me his music is meant to be more into “Cosmic Consciousness” but as he said to me God is in all of us.  I love the video it has some great pics and it all just flows.

Let’s look at some bio on Becoming:

BECOMING was founded by multi instrumentalist/vocalist Jason Hardouin. BECOMING is “Metal For Life” and has been passionately creating a “Consciousness Revolution” since 1998.  Tackling many of life’s difficult topics while shining a light into the darkness to help the listener self-actualize and gain the perspectives and strength necessary to make it through difficult times in this crazy world.

In a world filled with imitations, negativity, and gimmicks, BECOMING innovates to take you away from the everyday typical metal clichés to a place where you feel energized, empowered, and uplifted. BECOMING does not allow the listener to wallow in self-pity or hold a victims mentality. 

BECOMING captivates the most diehard of heavy music fans and attracts new fans from all genres who are searching for something more to raise their consciousness, shatter illusions, and find the divinity within…

BECOMING hit #23 of the Top 50 most played albums on Metal Radio in North America during the 2020 pandemic year with their new album “In The Name of God”, and have released several excellent music videos to rave critic and fan reviews alike.

This album was written, produced, engineered, and mixed by founding member Jason Hardouin and final mastering was done by the legendary Chris “Zeuss” Harris (also known for his groundbreaking work with Hatebreed, Rob Zombie, Demon Hunter, Shadows Fall, Queensryche, Soulfly, Whitechapel, Suffocation, Overkill, and Dee Snider).

For the album artwork and music videos BECOMING worked with Melody Myers “DesignedByMelody” to help bring the vision to life.

“In The Name of God” is an album that takes the listener away from all the everyday metal clichés while empowering them and bringing hope during these turbulent times in a world that desperately needs an awakening.

“In The Name of God” transcends genre while truly innovating in all the right ways. True to their bay area metal roots, but complete with tight hooks, bouncing grooves, and quality lyrical and musical content, BECOMING has created an epic album with “In The Name of God”. This album will earn its place in your musical catalog and soul.

From the 2nd album “Sonic Revelation’s”:

“The Lost”


This is my fav, watch out if your ears are sensitive to cussing, I guess they aren’t you hear me enough.

My Thoughts:

Well my HeadBangers like I said something different, and yet the same.  You never know what I’m going to find when I start looking for something to bring to the blog.  As I said at first you could think this was about religion, but clearly you can see it’s more about how people use religion to further their own agendas and control.  I agree that the world is in constant turmoil these last few years and who knows where it will end up.  Only people can change the way we move forward on this rock.  


Click on the link above, space limits how much I can put on here, but there are some great interviews that you might like to hear.  I have to say that Jason is very passionate about his music and it really comes through.  Sometimes I am surprised when I listen to a band I’ve never heard before and this is definitely one of those times.  I hope you all enjoyed this week as much as I did.

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

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    1. ikr if you haven’t heard this German Band, they’re young ones but I really love them, they are just a bunch of good guys The Edge of Reason, singer is Ro he’s struggled and tries to put a really positive message out.

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