Well my HeadBangers are you ready for the slamming brutal death metal????

Please welcome from Lisbon, Portugal:   ANALEPSY

“Locus of Dawning”

“Spasmodic Dissonance”

My HeadBangers if these don’t get your blood running I really don’t know what to tell you!  I have some bio on them, not as much as I like but, it is some:

Analepsy is a Portuguese Slamming Brutal Death Metal band formed in late 2013 by the vocalist Ricardo Proença, the guitarist Marco Martins and the bassist Flávio Pereira.

“Apocalyptic Premonition”

Let’s meet the band:

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Marco Martins – Rhythm Guitar – 2013 to present

João Jacinto – Bass – 2019 to present

Calin Paraschiv – Vocals, Guitars (lead) – 2020 to present

Léo Luychx – Drums – 2022 to present

My Thoughts:

My HeadBangers, I can’t find anything else on this band and I have looked everywhere.  However, I can say I love their music.,  The growl vocals are so deep and guttral, they have a heavy sound to them.  The band is spot on.  Check them out and I think you’ll agree that they’re really a great sounding band.  Hopefully next week I’ll be back to the interviews.  Right now because of the Ukraine and Russia trying to take over the world, everyone’s mind is in another place.  I know mine is, I think about it all the time and wonder why on this planet there is no one sending in troops to help these people.  It really does make me so mad that I find it hard to think about anyone else.  To think that 1 million people have left their country because of the insane actions of PUTIN.  I will never understand this, the world and all the sanctions doesn’t seem to be stopping this bastard.  As he proudly says his plan is moving right along as planned.  What is next?  I’m sure we are going to find out.  Wake up people before it’s to late.

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and  another song.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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