Well my HeadBangers we’re almost through another week so here are 3 bands to help you make it the rest of the way….. FYI I’m going to start posting this at 2AM my time so my HeadBangers over the ocean will get it early, see I love you guys.



WTAF is this that I have just found.  I don’t know where they are from but damn those growl vocals.  I’m going to be right back, I have to find out…   JESUS I always am drawn to these Nordic METALHEADS lmao!   Baest is a Danish death metal band formed in 2015 in Aarhus. Their name was initially spelled Bæst, the Danish word for “beast” or “brute”.  You know they have to be on a Friday one of these weeks.  Listen to that voice, it kills me.



These guys are from Finland, and I am telling you if you can see them live DO IT!!!  This bands puts on the best show and the growl vocals coming ripping right out of his heart.  I’m not kidding, I’ve seen them and have been hooked ever since.  And something for my dark HeadBangers, just heard it today, was released May 7th so here you go…


“Killing The Beautiful”

Let me know what you think, I like it, it’s not my usual but hey music is the spice of our lives.  See you back Friday for the weekly band.  Don’t miss it.

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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