Well my HeadBangers, are you ready for some Hump Day Music?!  Let’s get to it…


“feat Formalin – Raining Stars”

Lord of the Lost is a German gothic metal band from Hamburg. The band was formed by singer and frontman Chris Harms.  You know I just love my German Bands, they have this sound to them and they are so intense.  Love these guys!


“The Lost & The Forgotten”

Well well this band is from Esslingen, Germany.  And no I didn’t plan it this way lmao.  Theirs’s is Heavy, Speed, Power Metal.  You have to admit, they are tearing it up.


“Blood Of The Elves”

I guess I’m on a German roll tonight they are from Krefeld, Germany.  But, what can I say.  Listen to these guys, man I love that sound.  Their sound is a combination of Power, Progressive, Symphonic, Speed, and finally Thrash.  Whatever they call it I love it.

Seriously, I really did not plan it this way but hell this is what called me this week.  I hope it helps get you through the next few days.  Come back Friday for Week 174, until then mosh on HeadBangers.





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  1. Not bad. I know you’ve heard of HuG, who aren’t really German but use the language, sort of. How about Ost+Front? They’re pretty heavy. Amon Amarth does one in German called Siegreicher Marsch.

      1. I’m going to check them out this weekend, finally just one more day of work, I can’t wait lol, I’ll let you know what I think!

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