My HeadBangers please welcome from Vancouver, Canada the Technical Death Metal Band:


“Drone Corpse Aviator”

“Golden Mouth Of Ruin”

My HeadBangers, originally this band was going to be on the Hump Day but after listening to them, I knew they had to be the feature for the week.  They absolutely kill me.  Let’s look at some bio on these guys…

Archspire is a Juno Award-winning Canadian Technical Death Metal band from Vancouver. They have released four studio albums and are currently signed to Season of Mist.

The band was formed in 2007 as Defenestrated, but changed their name to Archspire in 2009. Members were singer Oli Peters (Oliver Aleron), guitarists Tobi Morelli and Dean Lamb, Bassist Jaron Evil (Jaron Good) and drummer Spencer Prewett. Singer Shawn Haché was with the band briefly but left to join Mitochondrion.

The band was signed to Trendkill Recordings and, in April 2011, released their first album, All Shall Align.  It was recorded between May and December 2010 working with producer Stuart McKillop at The Hive Studio in Calgary.

In early 2013, Jaron Evil suffered a stroke at age 31. He recovered and briefly returned to the band, but left permanently in late 2013. He was replaced by Clayton Harder.

Also in 2013, Archspire signed with Season of Mist, and recorded a second album with Stuart McKillop, at Vancouver’s Rain City Recorders.  On February 2, 2014, the band released a single from their upcoming album, “Lucid Collective Somnambulation”, and in April released The Lucid Collective.

In January 2015 the band announced they were seeking a permanent bass player as a replacement for bassist Clayton Harder, who left to study jazz guitar at York University. They asked interested parties to record a video of themselves playing an Archspire song (they suggested “Deathless Ringing”).  On January 12, the band announced that they had selected Jared Smith to become their full-time bassist, and posted Smith’s playthrough video of “Lucid Collective Somnambulation”.

You have to love the BASSIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The band announced their third album Renlentless Mutation and a single, “Involuntary Doppelgänger”, on July 5, 2017. The album was released on September 22, 2017.  At the Juno Awards of 2018, the album received a nomination for Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year.

In 2019, the band made tech news headlines when a duo of programmers called Dadabots created a neural network trained on Archspire’s music to produce a non-stop stream of technical death metal based on the band’s music; Dadabots also noted that Archspire’s music produced the most consistent AI results, presumably because of the high tempo and technical machine-like nature of the songs. Archspire themselves also commented on the phenomenon, jokingly referring to themselves as robots.

Later that year, Peters and Prewett appeared in a cameo in the first episode of See; actor Jason Momoa is a fan of the band, and asked Peters to coach him for a war cry technique.

On October 29, 2021, Archspire released their fourth studio album Bleed the Future. Three singles were released: “Golden Mouth of Ruin”, “Bleed the Future”, and “Drone Corpse Aviator”. “Golden Mouth of Ruin” and “Drone Corpse Aviator” were accompanied by videos, with the latter being the first fully-produced video the band had made.  The album was elected by Loudwire as the 16th best rock/metal album of 2021.

Archspire has toured Canada, the US and Europe, played festivals such as Hellfest, and toured with Revocation, Obscura, Fallujah, and Beneath the Massacre, among others.

Let’s meet these guys, I am in love with this band hard…………

Dean Lamb – 8-String Guitar (2009-present)

Tobi Morelli – 7 and 8-String Guitar (2009-present)

Spencer Prewett – Drums (2009-present)

Oli Peters (aka Oliver Rae Aleron) – Vocals (2009-present)

Jared Smith – Bass (2016-present)


Well my HeadBangers I have to tell you this band completely knocked me out!!  I was going to put them on Hump Day but, after listening to just one song I had to put them as the feature for the week.  MY GOD they just really got to me, and this is not the fan girly stuff (even though I might be now), it’s the pure energy and their ability to drill that music into my head.  Those vocals of Oli’s, well you know how I am about my growl vocals, his are raw and deep, I’m amazed by that voice.  It is amazing to me when all members of a band play as if they were one entity and that’s how they sound to me.  You deffinetly want to keep your eyes on this group, I know I will…

Well HeadBangers that’s it for this week.  Join me next week for another band and another song.  Don’t forget Hump Day.  See you back next Friday.  In the meantime don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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