Well my HeadBangers, it’s only Tuesday and I feel like I’ve been put through the ringer.  Plus is sooo hot.  Anyway here are a couple bands for you, after tomorrow it’s all down hill.


“Pray To The Hunter”, feat The Elder Scrolls

Saltatio Mortis is a German Medieval Metal group.  The Latin name means “dance of death”.

I’m in the mood for some melodic death metal, but I really like this Medieval Metal band.



German Symphonic Metal/Power Metal band from Mannheim, Germany.



Here we have Austrian  Blackened Death Metal band from Salzburg.

Well my HeadBangers I know this last one will wake you up.  Meet me back here Friday for Until I Wake, some Metalcore from Buffalo, New York.  They are fire….

4 thoughts on “HUMP DAY – WE’RE ALMOST THERE…

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    1. Hell nooo absolutely not. I love all things warrior, whether Viking or German warriors, I do not discriminate lol. Besides I love the words to that song. They put me in a Lord of The Rings mood. Ive been listening to alot of German bands the last couple of weeks.

      1. Swedish, for me. Finntroll is one of my go-to bands. Although I am eagerly awaiting a Hanzel und Gretyl CD in the mail.

      2. OMG I saw them in person when I was in Helsinki. I’m telling you they put on a show, I love it. I have some videos I took of them, I’ll see if I can find them, and send them to you.

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