My HeadBangers this week I’m going back to 3 bands I love to death and it’s all about my favorite Nordic Metal.  You gotta love them, they are all so good.


“Nothing Remains”

From Kouvola, Suomi this Melodic Death Metal Band is featured on Week 122.  Check them out, they bring the fire.



This Heavy Speed Metal band hails from Lapland, Finland.  They were featured on Week 128, check them out they are so good, not to mention the nicest bunch of guys you will ever run into.  Listen to those vocals.


“The Outlaw”

I love this band, they have been on the blog several times, and are the nicest bunch of HeadBangers you will ever meet.   Check them out on Week 131.  Thrash/Rock/Metal all mixed together from Helsinki, Finland.

Well it looks like I have to add 2 more, I just can’t leave these guys out.


“Real World”

Besides having the best hair this Rock Band from Helsinki, Finland, can rock it.  I love my Finnish Bands they have that little something extra.  Check them out at Week 98, they really are great.

And lastly the one and only:


“Strike Like A Cobra”

This Hard Rock Band from, you know it, Finland. Week 120, check them out.  I love the vocals, he has that something extra.  All these vocalist have a distinct difference that makes them stand out.

There’s 5 bands from Finland this week for my HeadBangers.  I have to say that each band answered any questions I asked about their band.  They were all helpful and on time, sometimes I’m not lol.  But I will never forget these 5.  They are all my favorites.  Of course if you want more from Finland you know I have more.  But this is enough for now. 

I’m taking a long weekend holiday so there will be no post on Friday, but next Friday I will have something special for you.  Those of you who live in the USA have a great holiday weekend.  And then there’s summer fest in Finland.  Everyone enjoy these times, we never know what is going to happen next.  I love all my bands and HeadBangers, so please be safe and mosh on. 

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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