Well another week another Hump Day my HeadBangers.  Let’s start it off with a band new to me from Lisbon, Portugal.  I like the music, I just don’t know how they can perform with that head gear.  Hell we can hardly breathe through our Covid masks.  But, they do a great job.  Welcome…



Now tell me one person on this planet that doesn’t love:


“In Extremis”

I fking love this band.  It is folk music, with a combination of members from Denmark, Norway, and Germany.  They are also going to be on tour in the US starting in August.  They are a must see HeadBangers.  I just love it, it’s calming but stirs the soul to go back in time to a more mystical place….



Well quiet a combination this Hump Day, but it’s what called to me so there it is.  Don’t forget this Friday I have a band from Gefle, Sweden you don’t want to miss them.  Old school Hard Rock and I love these guys.  Until then be safe and mosh on.

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question, I appreciate it HeadBangers:

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