My HeadBangers please welcome the international rock band, with members from USA, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, and the Ukraine.



“Space Needle”

Let’s take a look at some bio:

Jericho Six began with guitarist-songwriter John Easterling.  It became a six piece, international band with members from America, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia and the Ukraine; each member adding their own style and flavors to the songs.  John and drummer Travis Smith, had been writing songs for several years.  In December 2019, John bored from Covid, met producer Leo Hernandez.  In January 2020, John and Leo started working together with drummer Travis, Leo then brought Marco Renteria to record bass.  John found Natalia Suvorina online to record vocals, and Natalia referred Olya Kiymento to record cello.  John discovered his neighbor Princess White, new to the US, was an amazing musician so she helped arrange and co-write songs with John.

My Thoughts:

I have to say that I really like the female vocals, they are truly an international band with a great sound.  We have had a few issues with the email process, so I am posting what I have and when I hear back from John, I will update with the Q&A.  Check them out, I think you will appreciate the mix of  what different countries can do when they come together.

That’s it for now, but like I said I will update this week as soon as I get the info.  Also the next 2 weeks I am happy to say the 12th, TEOR, one of my fav German Bands is releasing a new song and I will have it here and then on the 18th, yes a day early, one of my fav Finland music makers, KALMO, will be debuting his new song and his video and it will be here that very day, I’ve seen it and it is well just be here to see it.   I’m excited and so happy for both these bands.  When you work hard the reward is yours, enjoy it.

Till Hump Day stay cool and…  Don’t stand to close to the fire if you can’t handle the burn…..



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