My HeadBangers, I have some great music for you this week.


“Black Forest”

These guys are twins, just kill me now.  Descendants of Germanic barbarians their names are , Drømil and Drømal.  I love it!!!


“The Watcher”

Let’s add a little Norwegian extreme metal and shake things up!!


“On The Dark Waters”

I saw AMORPHIS at Tuska 2019.  I can’t start talking about them because I will never stop.  Tomi Jousten is the best growl vocalist on this planet.  He led me to the love of growl vocals and now I look for them everywhere.  

Well my HeadBangers that’s it for this Hump Day.  Hope you have a great rest of the week.  Join me back here Friday for some good old HARD ROCK.

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      1. I really like them. It reminds me of melodic folk metal. Don’t be surprised if you see them next week on HUMP DAY lol. Thanks for sending me the link. There’s so much great music out there, I gotta bring it.

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