I met Antsa, or as I called him Antz, before I went to Finland in 2019, so it was probably 2018.  Whenever I was skyping with the Metal Man, Antz would pop his head in and we would talk for awhile.  He was 17-18 then, big, tall and blonde as most Finns are, I never had a conversation with him that he didn’t make me laugh.  When I finally got to meet him it was hug time and since I was with his Uncle, I became his Aunt to which I was so happy to be.  I remember at one party, we sat and talked about life and his future, which way should he go, I gave him my take on what he could do and told him whatever you want to do or be you can be, but you have to do it.  He was soooo smart, but there were demons in his way that no one could remove for him.  Antz, I want you to know I think about you, I will never forget the big bong you bought downstairs to smoke out of lmao.  To me he was a bright light, I wish I could have helped him more.  I regret not being there to talk to him more, he will be missed by so many.  I want you to save me a place at the next gig when I see you again, and I will see you.  People come into our lives and I believe they will always be with you even in the next realm,  much love Antz, till we meet again.  This song is for you. HeadBangers hold your dear ones close cause you just never know when they will be gone, if you have something to tell them do it don’t think about it…..



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